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  • Blue Birthday Cake
  • Something's fishy....
  • Thomas Cake
  • Oscar the Grouch oscar the grouch- not done with a frustrating "character pan" ;)
  • Leafs Jersey
  • diego cake
  • Colourful Animals Cake
  • Owl Cake
  • 1321883390.JPG
  • Cars Cake
  • Mariokart Cake
  • Minnie Mouse cake
  • Strawberry themed birthday cake and cupcakes
  • Fallout 3 New Vegas Cake Vault-tec lunchbox from fallout 3
  • Ladybug Sugar Cookies
  • Indiana Jones themed cake
  • Angry Birds Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies I did as party favours for a boy's b-day party.
  • Black and White Wedding Cake
  • Nemo Fishbowl
  • hexagon wedding cake
  • Simple Square Wedding Cake
  • Gift Box Wedding Cake tried out a new decorating technique on a gift box style cake I was given artistic license with
  • Happy Canada Day!
  • This Cake is Bananas
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Topsy Turvy
  • Leopard Print and Stripes
  • Small Dahlia Wedding Cake Cake for a casual civil ceremony based on the invitation.
  • Father's Day Golf Cake
  • Hannah Montana
  • Polka Dot Winnie the Pooh
  • Burger Cake Pretty easy cake- 9" rounds- carved a little to make the bun shape. Hamburger patty is rice crispie treats covered...
  • Monkey and Polka Dots
  • Ice Fishing Cake
  • Easter Cake
  • Thoma Birthday Cake
  • Flower Pot Cake
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
  • Diamond Shaped Boy's Baptism
  • Monkey Cake
  • Blue Baby Shower Cake
  • Hello Kitty
  • zebra and teal b-day cake
  • purse cake
  • zebra stripe girls cake
  • elmo 1st b-day cake carved cake with elmo and #1
  • Purple Playboy Bunny Cake
  • Irish Car Bombs Irish Car Bomb cupcakes with chocolate shamrocks
  • Tattoo Cupcakes carrot with cream cheese frostingfondant tattoo toppers
  • Little Bear Cake
  • Guitar Cake
  • Little Mermaid
  • Call of Duty Cake Vanilla/vanilla buttercream decorated in mmf.
  • Clone Trooper Cupcakes
  • Lego Luke Skywalker
  • Colourful 60th B-Day Cake based on the birthday party decorations.
  • Sea Turtle A small cake based on a picture of a wooden ornament that a customer e-mailed to me. Carved from frozen...
  • valentine heart cake Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant ribbon roses.
  • Magic School Bus Cake Magic School Bus done in stacked up pieces cut from a slab cake. Covered in MMF.
  • Doll Cake Revisited Another Barbie Doll Princess cake. Apparently I'm not a big fan of those legless Wilton dolls included with the pan...
  • Purple Present Cake A sweet and simple present cake for a teenager who likes purple. Great little cake for a small and casual...
  • A 2-D Dora cake. Yes...sometimes I get lazy and just don't want to mold a 3D gumpaste figure....The little girl that received the cake...
  • Hannah Montanish A customer requested a cake similar to one she had found online- so I won't try and take credit for...
  • Elmo Cupcakes Some Elmo cupcakes made easy using the Wilton "grass tip"  Fondant eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin shaped present cake for teenaged girl into Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Brown and blue Chocolate kahlua cream filled cake for the grown ups at a children's b-day party :)
  • Pink and black topsy turvy cake three tier wonky cake in mmf.
  • Clone Trooper Clone trooper with gumpaste Yoda.
  • Barbie doll cake. Doll cake my way :)
  • Bugs and Flowers Buttercream and fondant decorated garden-type cake for a little girl. Really enjoyed making this cute cake :)
  • Topsy Turvy Tinkerbelle Tones Inside of cake is dyed to match the outside- too bad I don't have a picture! Tinkerbelle coloured for a...
  • Penguins in Pyjamas Two tier, all vanilla, mmf covered with some glitter and buttercream icicles. Birthday girls requested penguins in pyjamas on a...
  • Diet Pepsi Cake Chocolate cake with french custard filling done in MMF. Stacked 6" rounds and stuck in a dowel for stability.
  • Lego Star Wars Cake Two tiers- top is marble, bottom is vanilla. Marshmallow fondant covered, Lego guys are gumpaste that I made myself for...
  • Frog Pond Cake All decorations are marshmallow fondant- except the cattail stems. They're linguine.
  • Wall-E Cake Ever popular vanilla cake done in marshmallow fondant.
  • Girl's Mermaid Cake Vanilla with vanilla buttercream. All decorations in marshmallow fondant.

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