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  •  Hat Replica  As an 85th birthday cake, a friend ordered a replica of a hat her grandfather always wears. It's chocolate cake filled with chocolate...
  •  Cross Country Cake   cake i made for my cross country banquet... it didn't exactly come out how i planned.
  •  Angry Bird And Kitty On Yarn Ball  This was for my Nana's birthday. She loves cats so i made a cat on a yarn ball that looked like her cat. She also loves angry birds!...
  •  Tangled Cake   Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and the figures are made out of fondant
  •  Snow Miser And Heat Miser Cake
  •  Giant Cupcake Catastrophe  i was making a giant cupcake when the power went out, this was ok because i had finished making everything, however this meant no ac, and...
  •  Phineas And Ferb Cupcakes   cookies and cream cupcakes, with characters piped out of chocolate.
  •  Cupcake Flower Bouquet With Butterflies  This was for my grandmothers birthday. They are Vanilla bean cupcakes with a strawberry filling and buttercream. The main flower bouquet is...
  •  Bunny & Chick Easter Cake   a simple buttercream piped cake.