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  • skateboard cake the side walk is chocolate cake with white choc pudding and choc buttercream on one then the other has almond...
  • Rose wedding cake !!! My first wedding cake ever !!   I made it for my mom she loves red roses... the roses are gumpaste,...
  • Minny Mouse I made this one for my niece 2nd bday ..... thank for the inspiration  twinlilsesny03
  • baby bottom my first baby shower cake :)
  • title wave cake pound cake made this cake with my friend charis for her sons Bday
  • beach cupcakes beach cupcakes made these with my friend Charis
  • vanilla cake vanilla cake
  • sponge bob sponge bob cake , thank for the help CC
  • basketball my sons 13 th b-day cake, inspired by others on CC
  • Tinkerbell birthday cake Tinkerbell birthday cake inspired by other on CC thanks
  • uder the sea i made this one for my husbands 32nd birthday
  • bee
  • rose cake
  • The Crock-Pot I made this cake for the ladies meeting at our church. it is 2, 8"x3" cakes . This cake was...
  • Shirt and tie i made this for the men's meeting at church , it is choc cake ,choc icing covered in fondant
  • gator bait 6" just for fun cake
  • I Love Lucy This is the first cake that i will get paid for making.. The customer is a friend and she knows...
  • Snowman made this one for Christmas day at my moms
  • snowman land ;) i did these for our Christmas Eve party..
  • Happy Birthday Jesus i made this cake for a cake walk at my sons school
  • Christmas story Well this was painful ,to watch my to soft butter cream cake just melt of the cake moments before we...
  • makeup cake This was a cake i did for my niece for her birthday.  I learned alot on this cake and would...
  • Betty Boop Birthday Cake I made this cake for my niece's 20th birthday. It was fun to make but there is a lot i...
  • thanksgiving cupcakes inspired by other CC people Thanks for the idea :)
  • Turkey My Thanksgiving turkey , i made this one for the covered dish at our church everyone enjoyed it :)  Thanks...
  • toilet cake My friend ( user name Charisyoder) and i made this cake today.... This is our first time making home maid...
  • bastket i had a 12in round cake , and i just started putting icing on it and it ended up being...
  • Chrysanthemum chrysanthemums made from lil marshmallows cut from corner to corner and dipped in colored sugar
  • sun flower cupcake put an oreo on the cupcake , and used a m&m for the lady bug ;)
  • dog cupcake the dogs nose is a marshmallow cut in half
  • teddy bear cupcake the teddy bears head is a doughnut hole
  • Thomas the Train birthday cake this was my first cake i didn't have time to get a 3d train mold so i carved it out...