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ApelilaRains - Gloria Fisch

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  •  Baby Reveal Baby Bottom   Baby Reveal baby Bump All edible - had issues with the chunky legs due to humidity, but overall I think it turned out great.
  •  Rose Petal Wedding Cake   Rose Petal Wedding Cake
  •  Cherry Blossom Barbie Cake   Cherry Blossom Barbie Cake
  •  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle  The head are carved first to get it's shape, then layered with gumpaste to smooth and create the teeth effects and let that dry...
  •  Fairy Barbie Doll Cake   Fondant and a lot of twisting...patience...lots of it. TYFL
  •  Tinkerbell Tea Pot House   Tinkerbell Tea Pot house - all edible and lightly airbushed
  •  Haunted House  I know I'm late... Fondant house that started all white and I'e airbrushed the house to the final colors your see. All edible...
  •  Tmnt Cake  TMNT Cake theme, everything but the TMNT characters are edible. Those are keep sake toys for the birthday boy. Pizza toppings are made of...
  •  Not My Original Design But I Tried To Capture The Death Star As Best As I Could Since The Cake Was For Star Wars Fan To Celebrate His 40T  Not my original design - but I tried to capture the Death Star as best as I could since the cake was for Star Wars fan. to celebrate his...
  •  Cat In A Pumpkin Cake (Halloween Theme)   Cat is made from gumpaste and fondant.
  •  Orange Ombre & Peony
  •  Max And His Worm Cake
  •  Thing 1 & Thing 2 Themed Birthday Cake And Smash Cakes  This was a duplicate of a cake photo a customer had brought me. She was very persistent with having it look as much like the photo as...