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  • Seabed Cake Seabed themed cake. Ariel figure was placed on top of the cake.Swans were made using a mold I made myself....
  • Forever Friends Teddy Bear Cake & Butterflies Forever Friends Teddy Bear vanilla cake for a 'little' friend
  • Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie Mouse Vanilla Cake with chestnut buttercream filling.
  • Hello Kitty & Soccer Ball Cake for Twins Hello Kitty & Soccer Ball Cake for our beloved classmate twins!
  • Panda cake Panda Cake for a friend's boyfriend
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty cake
  • Tiffany's Gift Box Tiffany's Gift Box Cake dummy for my friends shop. Hope you like it.
  • Pink Panther Cake Rich Chocolate Cake with cookie cream cheese frosting
  • Easter Cookies Bunny and Chicken, fondant decorated, Easter Cookies
  • 3D Chess Board 3D Chess Board for the most wonderful little "creature", my little Kasparov :)A huge Thank you to: Ji Lee for...
  • White Wedding Big Bows My featured wedding cake in the September 2014, Volume 5 Issue 3 – “White Wedding Big Bows” section of Cake...
  • Windsurfing Cake Windsurfing stenciled Cake. Handmade stencil.
  • Steampunk Balloon Boat A two workshop with Pirikos, Cake Design during November 2014 at The cake house.Another Extreme Armatures Seminar.
  • Tiger Cake Stenciled Tiger Cake for a special little friend of mine
  • Angry Bird Stella Angry Bird Stella CakeOriginal Design by Pirikos Cake Design
  • Angry Bird Bomb Angry Bird Bomb cake
  • Olympiakos Cake Olympiakos Cake. Chocolate rum cake with cranberries filling.
  • Monsuno Lock Hand painted Monsuno Lock themed cake for my beloved nephew.
  • Minnie Mouse Minnie Mouse themed cake for my beloved niece.
  • Vintage Butterfly Cupcakes Vanilla and Chocolate Vintage Butterfly Cupcakes. Hope you like them.
  • Twinkle-Twinkle little... hello kitty cookies Twinkle-Twinkle little... hello kitty cookies for a very special friend of ours. Cookies to match the cake: for looking
  • Owl Cookies My Contribution To Teachers Appreciation Day Owl Cookies. My contribution to Teacher's Appreciation Day.
  • Butterfly Cookies Butterfly Cookies
  • Chistening Butterfly & Baby Cupcakes Butterfly & Baby Cupcakes
  • Just... Ganache! Ganached Square Cake (15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm). Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.
  • Vintage Lilium Cake My cake. An easy one. Diameter 20cm, height 10,5 cm. 4 layer White Chocolate Mud Cake. Filling: caramelized rum flavored...

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