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  • Minnie's party dress Audrey's birthday cake all edible Minnie's head made it of rice krispies.
  • Img 3269jpg
  • Kevin's Car themed birthday cake Made this cake for a little 3 years old Kevin all made with marshmallow fondant toys store bought.
  • Tiffany Blue Gift Box All edible Thank you Mr. Nocholas Lodge for such beautiful design.
  • Img 3049jpg
  • Baby Shower Cake Made For My First Grandchild Soon To Be Born Camilla Everything On This Cake Is Edible Made It With Mmf Baby shower cake made for my first grandchild soon to be born "Camilla" everything on this cake is edible made...
  • Jack And The Neverland Pirates Themed Cake Made With Mmf I Use Plastic Characters Everything Else Was Edible Jack and the Neverland Pirates themed cake made with MMF I use plastic characters everything else was edible.
  • Sofia The First Made this cake with MMF all figurines are edible
  • Brave/Movie Themed "Brave" movie cake All eatable! made with fondant and some gumpaste.
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  • Baptism
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  • A Burlesque Theme Quinceanera Cake A Burlesque theme Quinceanera cake
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  • Dsc01921jpg
  • A Macys Box Chocolate Cake Inside Box Made With Gumpaste A macy's box chocolate cake inside. box made with gumpaste
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  • Dsc01982jpg
  • For A Little Sailor Happy Birthday Issac All Eatable For a little Sailor, Happy Birthday Issac!   All eatable
  • A Pink Theme Quinceanera Cake A pink theme Quinceanera cake
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  • Micky Mouse Cake All Eatable Micky Mouse cake, all eatable
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