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  • Super Clark Super Clark?
  • Scooby Scooby
  • Parasaurolophus Parasaurolophus!
  • Turtle Power Turtle power!
  • Hello Louie Hello Louie!
  • Bump Bump!
  • 2012 08 29 007jpg
  • Cell phone white cake covered in fondant and hand painted.Thankx for looking........................................Dino
  • Master Yoda All cake, covered in colored fondant.Thankx for looking...................................Dino
  • Flimingo The cake is1/2 strawberry 1/2 white, Iced with buttercream and covered in fondant. Then airbrushed. The head and neck are...
  • USAF  C-130 cake is vanilla, layered, filled, and covered with fondant. Wings and tail are cardboard covered with fondant. It fed 50pp...
  • Iron Man All edible. Head is RKT covered in fondant, remainder is choc cake, covered in fondant. Thankx for looking.......................................Dino
  • Flip Flop Choc cake, covered in buttercream withfondant accents.Thankx for looking ...............................Dino
  • Dino Original Choc cake, covered with fondant.Thankx for looking
  • Monster Truck White cake covered with fondant
  • " Digger" White cake covered with fondant.
  • Motorcycle choc cake, covered with fondant, All acceseries are rkt covered w/ fondant  or gum paste. The head lights and tail...
  • Old School Boom Box Choc cake covered in fondant.
  • Old school Kansas State Marble cake, 3-8" , covered in fondant. Head and arms are RKT covered in fondant. There is a dowel up...
  • kansas Jayhawks All choc cake, covered in fondant
  • Strawberry Shortcake White cake covered in fondant.
  • Ben 10/ spider Monkey Cake is Chocolate, covered with fondant. Sipder monkey is fondant covered stryo-foam and wire.
  • Wood Duck White cake covered w/fondant and airbrushed.
  • Mickey Mouse White cake, covered with fondant- head made of rkt covered w/fondantThankx for looking
  • Graduation Time All white cake, vanilla buttercream, covered in fondant. Thankx for looking
  • Graduation All white cake, covered with fondant. Letters RKT covered in fondant
  • Dino-saur Choc cake, covered with fondant and air brushed to perfection!
  • CAT IN THE HAT Four layers iced and covered in fondant
  • Race car Marble cake, covered w/ fondant and air brushed
  • Cock of the walk This one was a little tricky, its yellow cake covered with fondant.  Head is RKT covered fondant. Tail feathers gum...
  • For ALL those that do and All those who have done! Half red velvet and half white cover with butter cream. The eagle is all RKT,. covered in fondant and icing....
  • Princess castle The bottom two layers are stryofoam. the top two are choc and white cake. All is covered with fondant. The...
  • A Blast from the Past This is alternating layers of choc and white cake, covered with fondant. All accents are fondant as well. The fish...
  • Another Dino Original This one is white cake, white buttercream icing, covered with fondant and all Air Brushed logos. Thankx for looking
  • St Louis Blues Chocolate cake, iced with buttercream and covered with colored fondant. For a St Louis Blues fan. Thankx for looking
  • Dino Original Choc cake iced w/buttercream. Covered with fondant. Hangers in the handles. Don't like to advertise for large companys (they dont...
  • Yorkie All choc cake, carved freehand, then filled and coated with choc butter cream,. All piped with grass tip using colored...
  • baby shower Bottom layers choc and top white, filled with butter cream and covered with fondant. All figures are fondant. The pedants...
  • Grave Digger alternate layers of choc and white cake, filled with butter cream and covered with fondant. Tires are RKT  covered with...
  • Were here Choc cake, iced with colored butter cream. Turtles are RKT covered with fondant. The sewer lid is stryofoam covered in...
  • A Dino original Coach 3 layers of marble cake, filled and cooated with bc and covered with fondant.
  • I see you! Marble cake chocolate butter cream, sculpted, covered in fondant. Letters in name(CARSEN)  are hand painted. Thankx for looking
  • Zebra This was my daughters b-day cake. All cake, choc and white . Covered in fondant. Thankx for looking,
  • COACH Purse My wife just had to have a coach purse. I said pic one out. She did, and here you are...
  • Pebbles and Bambam Both are made of  RKT's covered in fondant. Completely edlble.
  • Da bears Helmet four layers strawberry cake, field 1/2 and 1/2. All covered in fondant and air brushed. Face mask - gum...
  • Little man Four layers of chocolate cake, covered in fondant and air brushed to perfection.      THANKX for looking
  • DA BEARSSSSS! Field -half choc, half white, Helmet four layers strawberry cake. All covered in fondant. Face mask gum paste. Some air...
  • Original 2010 Custom Dino This was my first attempt at a bike. All but the forks, handle bars and exaust are edible. Gas tank,...
  • Moby? This was a birthday cakes for some friends. Vanilla cake covered in fondant.
  • Happy Birthday Chris I made this cake for my future son in law.  Base is butter pecan sheet cake covered in fondant, Skull...

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