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  • christmas Christmas cake made for my cousin on christmas day :)
  • winter wounderland This was a birthday cake made for megan on xmas day, she was 10 and she loved the cake.  its...
  • 1322580066.jpg Princess cupcakes made for Sophies party
  • 1322579823.jpg Xmas cupcakes
  • 1322334228.jpg Christmas cupcakes made for the church
  • 1317514891.jpg Strawberrys and cream cupcake yum
  • 1317514745.jpg The Royal wedding party cakes
  • 1317514620.jpg Garden cake
  • 1317514518.jpg for Dad
  • 1317512802.jpg cupcakes for the church
  • 2 tier cake 2 tier cake
  • hen night
  • cupcake
  • first time 3 tier cake 3 tier birthday cakeThis was my first stacked cake, it was very hard and a total nightmare, I cut the...
  • Box cake Still new to baking .. fondant and wrighting is so hard, im not sure what im doing wrong ?
  • chanel chanel purse
  • chanel purse My 2nd and 3rd chanel purses.. Im still learning
  • presant
  • chanel cake my first purse cake , was hard .. I need to do a few more yet. This is for my...
  • blue sea view cakes
  • pink ribbon breast cancer cakes
  • chanel cup cake cc cup cakes
  • horror halloween
  • welsh flag 50th birthday cup cakes.. colours of the welsh flag in wales UK
  • cake adventures
  • halloween cup cakes not bad for my first time