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  •  Mickey And Minnie Baby Shower Cake
  •  Ombre Petal Cake  My first attempt at an ombre petal cake. Chocolate and baileys sponge with baileys buttercream. 1st time trying 1/2 butter, 1/2 trex for my...
  •  Img 1751Jpg
  •  Wwe Wrestling Belt Cake   WWE Wrestling Belt Cake for my nephew
  •  Christmas Cake   Fruit cake covered in marzipan and fondant. Decorations made with 50/50. Snow effect with Royal icing.Thanks for looking.
  •  Ballpit  Was really pleased with the little figure (except the arms, as my first set looked liked he'd been working out so the 2nd were a bit...
  •  Builders Bum  decorations made from 50/50. Tools caused me a bit of trouble as I didn't make them far enough in advance and was a bit rushed. As it...
  •  Peppa Pig   Figures made from 50/50.Thanks to newsums from the site for the idea. Mines wasn't quite as good.
  •  Santa In Chimney   Christmas cake covered in marzipan and fondant. Santa made from marzipan.Thanks to lissyUK from this site for the idea.
  •  Girly Baby Bum  Made this after looking at a few on the site, especially Maramyjo (although mines isn't as good). Also thanks to Pionilaakso for the...
  •  Baby Boy Celebration   Thanks to stellastarchild for the template to make the shoes.
  •  Football Huddle Cake  Made for my 9 year old nephews birthday. First cake since I found this site and realised you could prepare things in advance! It really...
  •  Cake Balls

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