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  • This Gingerbread House Was About 18h X 14w The Sleigh And The Chair Was Made Of Pastillage And The Santa Was Made Of Gum Paste There Is A This gingerbread house was about 18h X 14w. The sleigh and the chair was made of pastillage and the Santa...
  • Namaste!
  • Japanese Temple
  • Naruto
  • Radio Station Celebration cake
  • My best friend
  • Koi Fish the Koi fish are made of modeling chocolate and the tale is pastillage. the lotus flower was made with gum...
  • Pearls and lace this cake was made for 2013 San Diego grand wedding cake competition. I was awarded bronze medal.
  • louis vuitton cake and make up
  • coach purse and shoes
  • fire truck
  • acoustic guitar custom made guitar frame, Acoustic guitar replica
  • turkey cake turkey cake and rice krispie tread apple
  • cohibas cigars and whiskey
  • fashion
  • Guinness beer beer lovers.
  • santa sleigh this Santa sleigh is all cake. the sleigh is made of pastillage.