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  • Pinata Birthday cookie, bc icing.
  • Sunflowers and cowboy hats Fondant, fondant flowers and fondant hat.
  • Monster Friends little monster wanted a monster cake. Blue Butter Cream, Fondant eyes and mouth.
  • Sweet 15? All Fondant
  • my wedding cake I made this cake the day before my wedding ( it was modeled after a cake i found on the...
  • spring egg royal flowers, bc leaves.
  • messy egg My icing melted, and i just went nuts.
  • the reason for the season Egg shaped mini cake, with bc grass, royal for gray, and piping gel for glass.
  • potato Cake B.C Icing, cloves for potato eyes, coco powder for dirt, and fondant for butter.
  • fruit basket This is a white cake with B.C., the fruit is made from gumpaste and fondant. The basket is a styrophome...
  • toadstool Birthday cake for a friend. maid a toadstool with her on top, white cake, with bc frosting and fondant for...
  • kitty litter I maid this cake for my brothers birthday ( he has been a dookie this year) I bought a litter...
  • Heaven ascent I made this cake for a friend who recently lost his biker brother bobo. this was a reperesentation of him...

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