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  •  Stripes And Circles  This was made for my neighbours daughter. She was turning 14. The bottom tier is chocolate with cookie and cream filing and the top is...
  •  Sex In The City  This cake was made for my husbands cousin's wedding shower. Its chocolate with mocha filling and white with lemon mousse filling. The...
  •  Tinkerbell Cake   I was asked to make this for a little girl that turned 3.
  •  Holy Cow  I made this for my cousins little girl. She turned 5. She is a farm girl and loves her cow named flower. This is my cake version of flower...
  •  Pretty Pink  I was asked to make this cake for a lady's wedding. Its black forest cake covered in Italian butter cream. She got the idea for a wed...
  •  Flower And Dot Cake   made this cake for my cousins wife.
  •  Pink And White Cake   I saw a picture like this cake on here and thought it was so pretty. Here is my version of it.
  •  Lets Monkey Around   Here is my attempt at making a 3D monkey. I think he turned out pretty cute. His head is made from rice krispie treats.
  •  The Replacement Shoe Box.   I had made a shoe box with a shoe for a lady, but the shoe box fell apart. So I made her another one to replace the previous one.
  •  18Th Cake   Shoe box and Gumpaste shoe.
  •  Cowboy Goodbye   this was made for a girl that they nicked named cowboy. She is going to Austraila.
  •  Burgers   This was my son's birthday cake. He said he wanted a hamburger with cheese.
  •  Dinosaur  I made this cake for my friends little boys birthday. He said he wanted it to stand up. lol This was my first attempt at making 3D images...