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  •  Strawberry Shortcake Cake   White Cake/White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting covered in Strawberries
  •  Money Cake   Chocolate cake, buttercream frosting
  •  Purple Birthday Cake   Double chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, fondant dots and balls. This was designed by the birthday girl and she loved it. :)
  •  16 Birthday Cake   White cakes, Buttercream frosting, 16 made out of rice crispy covered in fondant. Non edible rhinestone on brown frosting.
  •  Green Stars   White cake, butter cream frosting
  •  Double Chocolate   Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, three tier
  •  Peace   White cake, butter cream frosting
  •  Lady Bug Cake  White cake, butter cream frosting. This was so much fun to make. I used two 9" rounds and cut the top to curve. I then used what I had...
  •  Fall Anniversary Cake   Chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream.
  •  Chocolate Roses   I saw this design here on CC and loved it. I was able to make it the following week. This was so much fun to make.
  •  Red Rose Cake   Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.
  •  Star Trek Cake   This is a cake I made for a Star Trek fan. I used buttercream frosting and the large yellow emblem is made out of fondant.
  •  Hope Banquet Cake  This was a cake I did for a banquet. I had made a lot of blue roses, so I sat them along the bottom of the cake. I tried to copy their logo...