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  • Kinder Schokolade cake
  • Billiard Birthday Chocolate Cake with fondand decoration
  • Boombastic Birthday Giant Cake Pop On Top Of Chocolate Cake Boombastic Birthday.Giant cake pop on top of chocolate cake
  • soccer birthday cake Lemon cake
  • Cappuccino cupcakes Birthday cupcakes with creamcheese- chocolate decoration
  • Winter-Birthdaycake
  • 50th Birthdaycake  Lemoncake with buttercream frosting
  • Handy Man's Birthday cake. Vanilla poppyseed cake with chocolate ganache and fondant decorations. Copied some of the very nice cakes here on CC. Thank...
  • Birthday Cake "Dawn's white cake" (love the recipe- thank you)  with buttercream and fondant decoration.
  • Retro Radio Birthdaycake Oreo-Cake with sunflower and bc- rose decoration.
  • Mouse cake Birthday cake for a little fan of the mouse. A tv- show in Germany.
  • Hello Kitty Chocolate cake with fondant decoration and white chocolate- creamcheese frosting. A birthday cake f?r a little girl.
  • A spoon full of chocolate Chocolate Birthday cake.
  • My first giant cupcake First try. Chocolate cake with fondant "cup" and creamcheese- white chocolate frosting. Sprinkles and a cherry on top.  Birthday cake...
  • purple with flowers Chocolate cake with purple fondant decoration. Played around with my new gumpaste mold. It worked well.
  • chocolate Hello Kitty chocolate cheesecake with rasperry frosting.Hello Kitty made from white chocolate
  • Flower cake Birthdaycake. I liked practicing dropflowers. Vanilla cake with berries and pudding-buttercream
  • 4th of July Cake made at the Wilton decorating class. This class was a blast and we learned a lot. Chcolate cake with...
  • wiltons cuocake cake Vanilla cake with peach filling and buttercream decoration
  • wilton roses blueberry-lemon cake with buttercream frosting. Had so much fun at the decorating class
  • my first fondant baby lemon cake with fondant baby
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Cake For a 5th birthday. Little giirl wanted a Hello Kitty cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fondant decoration.
  • Flower Birthdaycake Lemon cake with lemon - curd joghurt filling and fondant decorations
  • Australia Lemon cake with lime frosting. Birthday cake for a girls 18th birthday. She wants to go to Australia. Kangaroo, Koala...
  • The (friendly)n lion sleeps tonight Chocolate cupcake with chocolate- creamcheese frosting. For a little boy's 2. birthday
  • Bridal shower cupcakes The first time I made fondant- roses.Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.
  • Easter- birds Lemon cupcakes. Birds made from creamcheese- white chocolate frostimng.
  • Chocolate cheesecake Chocolate cheesecake with rasberry creamcheese topping
  • Choclate Birthdaycake White chocolate cake with chocolate-cream ganache and decoration from dark,- white- and milkchocolate.
  • IPhone My apps are a little to big, but the cake was a hit.   Chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Apps...
  • Cookies !!! Oreo cupcakes with frosting from white chocolate and creamcheese. Eyeballs are made from Beihinhos de coco.
  • New Year 2012 Rainbow cake (my first try). Everybody loved the surprise inside.
  • reindeer cookies Reindeer with red nose. No Fail Sugar Cookies - NFSC by Jackie. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I love...
  • Percy the puny poinsetta ... Found the inspiration here on CC. Gingerbread cupcakes with decorated Oreo- cookies
  • Cookies Today was my cookie day ...  Apricot vanilla, cranberry vanilla, gingerbread and sugar cookies. My first try to decorate cookies...
  • Christmas Tree Christmas punch cake with vanilla icing. Lightbulbs are mini M&M's, stars are white chocolate.
  • Sunflowers Chocolate cake with Oreo sunflowers
  • cup of coffee ??? cappuccino cake with fondant decoration
  • Halloween cupcake chocolate cupcake with buttercream decoration
  • Halloween cake Chocolate cake with fondant decorations
  • Halloween cake
  • sunflowers Oreo cupcakes with Oreo- creamcheese frosting and sunflowers. Had so much fun making them.
  • Moving service White cake '(Dawn's white cake- I found the recipe here on CC and it is soo yummy  Thank you!!!). Chocolate-creamcheese...
  • The Program with the Mouse Lemon cake with lemon buttercreme and fondant figures. The little birthday girl loves the TV-show.
  • Pig on a hill Red velvet cake with chocolate ganache and marzipan pigs.
  • Pig Red velvet cake with buttercream.
  • Panda Chocolate coconut cake with green coconut flakes. The customer asked for a panda- cake.
  • Italian Muffins Muffins with parmesan and sage. Decoration with creamcheese and bacon.
  • "John's" Foot Cake for a friend, who has a big foot "ouchie". We gave him Happy Pills. So we hope he will...
  • My uncle in his bathtub Was a gift for my uncle, who loves his bathtub.
  • Plumber Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and cherry filling. Made the cake for an anniversary of a plumbing company. Had so...
  • Vanilla cupcakes Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla-pudding frosting and a coffee bean on top.
  • HappBeeBirthday Chocolate cake with a cherry- creamcheese filling. Beehive is made from marzipan.
  • Hoppy Easter Happy Easter to everyone. Thank you for all the inspirations here. I have so much fun looking at all the...
  • Easter bunny Found the bunny ears in a store. Vanilla muffins with white chocolate frosting. Eyes and noses are chocolate and sugar...
  • intel inside ?????? Nooooooo ! Cappuccino cake, vanilla cake and chocolate cake inside. ;O)
  • Flowers Blueberry muffins with creamcheese frosting. Flowers and leafes are made from marzipan.
  • Spring Apple cinnamon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
  • Fishy Fishy Hazelnut cake. Fishes made from cakeballs. All the decoration is chocolate. Had fun making it. Learned a lot about warm...
  • Spring Vanilla muffins with vanilla buttercream. Stems are chocolate, flowers are mmf.
  • Lemon cupcakes Lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream.
  • cappuccino muffins Cappuccino muffins with mascarpone-cream.Lots of caffeine ;O)
  • Apple muffins with homemade maggot These are not my best. The creamcheese frosting didn't cooperate.  But I think they are funny little critters.
  • Christmas tree
  • Birthday Horse Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Flowers are fondant.
  • Iguana Birthdaycake for the friends daughter. She wanted a cake with her pet. My first time using gumpaste. Poppyseed cake with...
  • Happy New Year wishing everyone a Happy New Year
  • run Rudolph, run !! Found the inspiration here on CC. Thank you everyone !! I had so much fun making these and everyone liked...
  • Xmas cupcakes All made with creamcheese frosting. The snowmen's noses are dryed apricots.
  • Christmas Wreath Candles are made from marzipan.
  • Not so spooky Halloween cupcake White chocolate muffins with creamcheese frosting.
  • Shoe Looks a little like the tennis-shoe of big foot. ;O)
  • Mini cupcakes This is my first try of making marshmallow fondant.  The cake is a red velvet cake recipe I found here.
  • Muffin Mummys Chocolate Muffins with a frosting made from creamcheese.
  • Hawaii
  • Surprise This was my first fondant covered cake. I made it for a friends birthday

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