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  •  Disney Princess Rapunzel From The Movie Tangled Birthday Cake   well this cake was a massive amount a fun my daughter begged me for a tangled cake and I was...
  •  Hippo Head Cake Topper   well when I was asked to make a hippo head for a customer as she wanted it for a lake...
  •  Baby Cake Topper   another cute handmade baby cake topper loved making this little bubba she was a custom creation and the owner didnt...
  •  Eeyore Cake Topper   I make many many cake toppers and this little chappy is always a favourite
  •  Ben 10 Birthday Cake   my first go at a icing sheet cake but I handmade the name from the ben 10 logo
  •  Shaun The Sheep Cake With Baby Timmy   all handmade by me and edible
  •  Madagascar Birthday Cake   well I was very worried about this cake when my friend asked me for her daughters birthday but I was...
  •  My First Wonky And A Wedding Cake   my first attempt at a wonky wedding cake im super super chuffed at how it worked out!!
  •  Alice In Wonderland   I love making new figures and so got asked for an alice in wonderland im really pleed with her :)
  •  The Gruffalo Cake Toppers   I had been asked to make the gruffalo characters and this is how we got on im superchuffed with them
  •  Buff Cowboy   Im slowly getting used to making people hes just finished so still a little sticky looking
  •  Spongebob Patrick   fondant spongebob cake toppers
  •  In The Night Garden Toppers   just finished so not tidy looking, I must make 10 of these sets a month they are so popular I...