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  • Tiny Fairy Small cake with fairy on top
  • White wedding White wedding cake in heart shape
  • Cupcakes Galore! Large  cupcake with jelly beans etc and 200 small cupcakes for a wedding "Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme"
  • 18th Kitty Cake Kitty cake with handbag and teddy bear. The Kitty and handbag are all cake the bear is icing.
  • Piano Man This is a little man and piano made entirely from icing. It sits on a 6" iced plaque board. I...
  • Snow leopard This is a snow leopard made from icing which I built up in layers and hand painted
  • Mechanics This topper is on a 6" iced board with hand made figures of the Daddy and his two boys and...
  • Christmas Christening This is a very over the top Christening cake for a baby girl.
  • Violin cake topper This is free hand molded from icing. I couldn't find a mold for a violin so I copied a picture...
  • Twilight cake Oblong spong with black icing on a red iced board. I cut out the arms in flesh coloured icing and...
  • Mini Mouse Made for a seven year old a similar castle to Disney on a plaque plus a mini mouse all made...
  • Count Dracula and his brides castle Made up of fruit cakes this is a wedding cake made for a gothic couples wedding. It has bats on...
  • Michael Jackson cake topper Made from icing on a 6" plaque board "Miachael Jackson"
  • 30th anniversary cake Pearl 10" sponge cake with hand made shell filled with simple daisy's and finshed off with swags and bows. I like...
  • Venetian wedding cake Designed for a Venetian  wedding theme - All masks hand made from icing with piped feathers and bows made from...
  • Gangster & Moll 40th Designed for a 40th birthday
  • Verity This is an elegant cake covered in ivory fondant and has hand made roses and lilies. Simple and stylish and...
  • Artsist I made this cake for an artsist. All the items are made from icing.
  • Goofy Goofy made from flat icing but to add effect I made his gloves in 3D
  • Sleeping baby girl Baby girl on 10" sponge cake
  • Christening teddy's Christening cake - sponge with hand made teddy's
  • Black & white wedding cake This is a three tier wedding cake made with lilies made from icing
  • 1st birthday I made this for my grand daughters 1st birthday - She loves Iggle Piggle and Waybuloo so I made all...
  • Birthday cake Tea Party This is a 10" sponge cake with all the bits and bobs made from icing
  • Relax now you are 70 Bath cake made from sponge - other bits and bobs all made from icing.
  • Ladies orchid cake Ladies 50th orchid birthday cake. 10" square fruit cake with hand made orchids in various shades of pink. Finished with...
  • The very hungry caterpillar Hungry Caterpillar on a 10" sponge with hand made items from icing and painted on items in bright colours
  • Twins cake topper These are made from icing - They are a cake topper for a Christening
  • Grandma Grandma knitting - made from icing
  • Teddy bear christening cake Teedy bear cake - all bears with different expressions

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