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  •  3 Tier   Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese Filling TFL :D
  •  Hello Kitty   TFL ;)
  •  Angry Birds   TFL :)
  •  Winnie The Pooh On Stump  I saw this photo when i searched for ideas for a Winnie the Pooh cake and i loved it so i decided to make it and added my own take on...
  •  Garden Party  Inspired by another photo courtesy of daan69 from a fellow CC member:) Loved the design and since my daughter was having her 5th birthday...
  •  Confirmation Cake   TFL:) Didn't know if i should post this in this category.
  •  Daisy's On My Mind   40th Anniversary Cake which also included 60 mini cupcakes topped with Royal Icing rosebuds. TFL;)
  •  Zumba Bum-Taculous  Made this for a dear friend who happens to be an amazing Zumba instructor to celebrate her Birthday. She had sent me a similar picture...
  •  A Three Tier Dummy Cake   I made this in an attempt to try something new. I had made it to showcase at my recent tasting party. TFL:)
  •  Blue Ruffles   Thanks to others from the site for the inspiration:)
  •  Valentine's Cupcakes   Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcakes
  •  Santa's Coming To Town  I got inspire.d from other CC members to make this cake. First time i saw it i was mesmerized by Santa. This I added his bag of presents...
  •  The Grinch Gingerbread House  My sister in law and I made this together (team effort), for a Housing Association Gingerbread contest. It took some tweeking and a very...