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  • Horse
  • 50th
  • Neon Peace
  • Sprinkles
  • Pokemon Had a few issues but overall it turned out ok.
  • 1281894214.jpg
  • Butterflies Butterflies were FBCT but the icing was too soft this time for them to really work right. But the birthday...
  • Drop Flowers
  • Flip Flops and Sun For a cook out
  • Wilton Basics Final Cake
  • Roses and Lavender Cornelli Lace
  • Super Mom One of my first cakes. I hadn't learned about how to support them yet to keep them from falling in....
  • "Drum" cake
  • Wilton Basics (Course 1)
  • Wilton Basics (Course 1)
  • Cupcakes
  • Tiki Cake For my cousin's 4 yr old daughter. The little girl picked the theme and cake design.
  • Sesame Street My daughter's first birthday. The sign and characters are FBCT. I didn't realize I had left the R out of...
  • Wilton Flowers (Course 2)
  • Wilton Flowers (Course 2)
  • Peachy Petals Final cake for the Wilton Flowers course (new class 2). Flowers are Royal Icing, the rest is buttercream
  • Roses Tuffett This was actually a practice cake
  • Monkey & Roses
  • White Wedding Yellow cake with vanilla pudding in the batter, White butter cream