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  •  My Little Pony Apple Jack This Is A Sheet Cake With Butter Cream Piped   My little pony apple jack. This is a sheet cake with butter cream piped.
  •  Boat/cowgirl/muddin   This cake was made for 3 different people who share the same birthday and I customized each tier for each...
  •  Baby Shower
  •  Teddy Bear   I made my own baby shower cake, the blanket is made out of fondant..
  •  Nj Devils   My cousin came to visit and she brought her boyfriend and I surprised him with this cake.
  •  Dallas Cowboys
  •  Philadelphia Eagles   I used a cake pan for the helmet but did the details by eye.
  •  Sponge Bob   I used a cake pan to make sponge bob but I did the cupcakes by eye.
  •  Dart Board Cake   This was a pain in the butt to make. As you can see in the photo I forgot the r...
  •  Horse   I carved the horse first and then placed it on tope of a sheet cake covered the horse with fondant...
  •  Christening Cake   I made this cake for a friends baby shower.
  •  Tangled   I attempted to make a tangled cake and I was overall happy with it but next time I would try...
  •  Mario   I carved this cake from a picture I found online.

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