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  • Creative Recreation Shoe This is a carved cake covered in fondant.
  • Jungle Cake!! The characters are made from fondant. The child was born on St. Patrick's day.... hence the shamrocks  :)
  • Jordan Cupcakes The tops are made from fondant.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!!! The egyptian tablet was made from a quarter sheet pan, I used powdered food coloring for the airbrush look. The...
  • Tiffany Gift Box Cake!!!! This was a two tiered cake, the bottom a dummy layer. The ribbons are made from fondant that I let...
  • Spongebob!!! I made this from a quarter sheet pan. Decorated in fondant and I used a small roller to press in...
  • iPod touch cake!!! I made this cake using a quarter sheet pan, and rounded the edges. All the details and apps were made...
  • Favorite Things cake! The drum was made of stacked cakes. The skateboard is RKT, and the basketball is a Styrofoam ball covered in...
  • MAC blush Cake 10 inch round, fondant covered.
  • Pink Castle Cake Wilton Castle kit.
  • Bumblebee Cake Carved transformer, covered in fondant.
  • 50th Sewing Birthday Hand carved numbers with fondant details.
  • Coach Purse
  • Turntable Cake Ipod holder made of Crispies.
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Cottage was made with stacked cake. Dwarfs made out of gumpaste.
  • Ducati Motorcycle Cake Two tiered Cake, Decorated in fondant. Motorcycle made of Gumpaste.
  • Chuck Taylor Carved Chuck Taylor Cake. Covered in fondant.
  • Skatepark Cake The ramps I cut free hand with layers of cake. Coverd in fondant. Graffiti is made from edible paper.
  • Guitar Hero Cake This cake is actual size. White cake with fresh strawberries. The flames I cut free hand and layered.
  • Hydrangea Cake! Buttercream with fresh hydrangeas!
  • XBox Cake German Chocolate cake with RKT controller!
  • Pink Coach Purse I stacked 13x9 and carved the purse shape. Then made the heel out of gumpaste.
  • Family Guy Cupcakes Characters made of fondant and topped on cupcakes.
  • Hulk Cake This cake was a round cake topped with a toy hulk. I didnt have time to make one out of...
  • Mario Cake This was a stacked cake covered in fondant and characters made out of fondant too.
  • Irish Cake This cake was made by stacking square cakes then carving the tree stump shape. I then covered it in fondant...
  • Hannah Montana
  • Lava Lamp Cake
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cake! This cake was made using a 9x13 stacked and covered in fondant. I used rice paper for the "paper" on...
  • Baby Block Cake This cake was made using a 8 inch square cake cut into four equal squares then stacked.
  • Adventure Time Adventure Time Cartoon Cake... This is one crazy show!
  • DC Skateboard Cake This is a skate board cake I made with 2 8" rounds and a 13x9 cake.

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