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  • Cheese cake Mascarpone and whipped cream
  • Heart
  • Cinnamon cake with plum jam For the 50th wedding anniversary
  • Babies
  • Cinnamon cake For my godson
  • Irisch cream whiskey liquer cake
  • Tin Tin the Inspector
  • Birthday/Wedding cake Simple chocolate cake
  • White chocolate cake Delicious spange cake suffed with white chocolate cream
  • Special Hungarian Chocolate cake Chocolate cake with sour cherry (sour, bitter and sweet) - delicious
  • On the way to Moha
  • Creamy
  • Walnut cake
  • Anacondus cake A happy and friendly snake cake for a boy's 6th birthday.
  • Just for Beni A special vanilla cake with chocolate sauce, vanilla cremem and caramell saucecovered with marzipan.
  • Brown and white chocolate cake
  • Baby cake chocolate truffeles cake
  • Bonsai cake Amaretto cake
  • 'Jack Sparrow's Head' Chocolate sponge cake stuffed with Greek yoghurt cream
  • Caramel cake Caramel cream with chocolate sauce and walnut
  • Truffeles cake
  • Cinnamon cake cinnamon creme with plum jam
  • Interesting cake Interesting flavour - Greek yoghurt creme cake, hand-made rose leaves on the top and the "side"
  • Hello Kitty Chocolate cake with marzipan cover
  • Mozart cake
  • Truffeles cake