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  • hot chocolate cup Love this idea! Made for my daughters two 1st grade teachers for Christmas
  • mickey this was a challenge.. fist cake was to heavy and didnt have enough support and actually tipped over.. Second cake...
  • Good year Love this.. got the idea from this site.. Love the way it came out
  • baby colin French Vanilla, butter cream
  • chocolate drip heart chocolate fudge layer with a french vanilla layer filled with vanilla bavairan cream and homemade chocolate ganache
  • Purple Flowers Hand made fondant.. Hand made flowers... Lemon botton layer.. french vanilla with bavarian cream filling top layer
  • wedding dress These were french vanilla cake with chocolate bavairan cream filling for a double wedding lunchin. the dresses are fondant, the...
  • Mickey and Minney Lemon cake with Rasberry filling. Homemade marshmello fondant.
  • Hairdressers 30th birthday half chocolate..half french vanilla
  • yankee fan IM actually a Boston Red sox fan!! A good friend need a pick me up and he loves the Yankees.
  • red, white and blue chocolate ganauch
  • ice cream cup cakes chocolate fudge cake ...bavairan cram filling.. butter cream
  • clown first  birthday bottom layer chocolate fudge with bavarian cream filling top layer french vanilla with the same filling.
  • Glamour Graduation cupcakes Some were french vanilla filled with chocolate ganauch others chocolate fudge filled with rasberry filling.
  • cowboy french vanilla cake with chocolate bavarian cream filling.. all the decorations were either made out of gum paste or fondant
  • Bruins chocolate fudge and red velvet checkerboard cake with rasberry filling
  • first communion marble cake butter cream frosting
  • Pig Roast Chocolate fudge cupcakes with rasberry and bavarian filling
  • Baby cupcakes Some were french vanilla with lemon filling others were rasberry filling. with buttercream frosting
  • Celebration I cant take credit for the design, I got the idea from someone else. But My brother just got home...
  • Spongebob French vanilla cake, vanilla bavairan cream filling, butter cream frosting. Pineapple house made out of rice crispy treats covered in...
  • Dora the explorer five layers of french vanilla each layer was a different bright color.. filled with french vanilla bavarian cream
  • happy birthday chocolate dipped strawberries
  • good bye chocolate ganache with fresh fruit
  • 25th wedding anniversary cake 25th wedding anniversary cake... red because that is the chinese wedding color and this was for my aunt who married...
  • Grooms cake tux black and white tuxedo grooms cake
  • baby shower cupcakes
  • winter wonderland
  • flipflop
  • flipflop
  • spider spice cake with chocolate ganache
  • halloween cupcakes skeleton and pumpkin chocolate ganache cupcakes
  • Frankinstein chocolate and french vanilla
  • blueberry bliss fresh blueberries with home make everything...glaze...etc
  • batman batman
  • girlie cake eye shadow, lipstick, high heel, crown, white modeling chocolate, french vanilla cake with bavarian cream
  • 4th of July
  • girlie
  • Engagement
  • Confirmation
  • Baptism
  • going away
  • wii remote/ plane
  • babies
  • hamburgers
  • animals
  • baby
  • Syracuse university "Otto the orange"
  • Norton. ma graduation
  • graduation
  • first fondant cake
  • Halloween/Grampy Birthday
  • National Guard/army off to afganistan... Love you Erik
  • love you mom
  • birthday present
  • Animal birthday animal
  • Happy Birthday Pa tools
  • Happy 2nd Birthday Adam sports
  • Happy 30th chocolate fondant high heel
  • Happy Birthday AnneMarie Farmville cake

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