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  • 18th birthday
  • Graduation 2012
  • Sesame Street
  • Simple Elegance Black and white colors with a splash of emerald green. Chocolate and vanilla cakes with buttercream frosting and gumpaste flowers.
  • Boy Scout Banquet
  • Piano Cake
  • Jungle Cake
  • Princess Castle everything but the dolls is edible
  • Elmo Cupcakes made for twin boys' 2nd birthday
  • Dinosaur
  • 18th Birthday Cupcakes
  • Zebra Princess Single tier cake was for the first birthday photo shoot. The two tier cake was for the actual birthday party.
  • 18th Birthday
  • 18th Birthday
  • Tater Tots Nathan (aka 'Tater') turned 1
  • 4 Cousins Graduate in 2011 4 Graduates - 4 different high schools, going to 4 different colleges. Betty Kate - going to SLCC (mascot is...
  • Betty's 18th
  • Pink Flowers I decorated this cake last minute. I knew that flowers would be appropriate but I didn't have enough time to...
  • Cowboy Cake For western themed first birthday. Everyone wore bandanas, thus the bandana print on the side of the cake. The personal...
  • 40th "Hollywood Glam" cake
  • Molly's 3
  • Purple Flower Cake it looked nice until I wrote on it :) need to practice that for sure!
  • 1299728088.JPG
  • Teal and Yellow Purse Cake
  • Bird Cupcakes for a baby shower.... red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant birds and flowers
  • Christmas Cookies I always make baked goodies for my friends for the holiday season and this year I made these sugar cookies....
  • Tucker's BSU Birthday This was my first helmet. Buttercream with fondant accents. Handpainted horse logo. Had some major problems with the facemask :(
  • 'Toy' Birthday Cake Buttercream with fondant toys. Bottom is transportation. Middle is tools. Top is sports
  • Boy's Birthday for a 9yr old boy who didn't want anything in particular
  • Fall Color Roses
  • Bachelorette Cake I made an all chocolate bachelorette party cake..... i piped all the 'bachelorette items' out of melted chocolate and then...
  • Citrus Wedding Really simple cake.... they gave me a picture and said make this - I did and it turned out ok.......
  • Fun Hawaiian Wedding They wanted a 'fun' and plain cake but they wanted to incorporate the hawaiian theme. First time I covered a...
  • Fall Wedding Silk ribbon and silk flowers
  • Black and White with Red Roses This was the first wedding cake I ever made...... and ironically I feel it is the best one i have...
  • Deer Cake I made this cake for a baby shower and she asked that I model the cake theme after the bedding...
  • Belly Cake Private party needed a cake and this is what they wanted. the dress was embossed with flowers
  • Gumpaste Flowers my first cake ever using gumpaste flowers..... not to bad for my first shot. painted the flowers with food coloring/extract
  • Roses Cake working on piping roses - - - it's simple but appropriate
  • 18th Roses
  • Birthday Cook this lady had been in the food industry all her life and they wanted a 'kitchen' themed cake. Buttercream frosting...
  • College Send Off Boy - graduated 2010 and needed two cakes. One was just like the 2010 lion cake i made and the...
  • Class of 2010 Mascot was a lion, colors were green and gold..... class of 2010. 'Nuf said
  • Volleyball Cupcakes I had to make over 50 cupcakes for a volleyball banquet and this is what i chose to do because...
  • Pink Sweet 16 I was given no direction for this cake. pink and simple was all that was requested
  • Caterpillar Cake This was my first kids birthday cake..... went well and they were please. Riley is nicknamed "Bug" so the theme...
  • Pirate Cake My interpretation of a pirate cake. It had to be a sheet cake and on a tight budget. I did...
  • Molly's Ocean Cake This was for y niece's 2nd birthday. Ocean themed - still avoided covering the cake in fondant so I frosted...
  • Flower Cupcake this went along with the fairy cake that I made
  • Chocolate Hello Kitty I was asked to make a CHOCOLATE Hello Kitty cake - hello kitty is white (first of all) and they...
  • My Little Pony I got an order for a My Little Pony cake and was going to carve it our similar to the...
  • Monkey Face for a 2 yr old girl who was having her birthday at "Monkey Bizness"
  • Monkey Face this went with "'jackson's" first birthday cake
  • Fondant Jungle Jungle themed sheet cake for a 1st birthday. The little boy got a monkey cake to himself
  • Fairy Cake this is one of my first attempts to work with fondant. little girl asked for a fairy cake and this...
  • Elmo Cake I free hand cut this cake to look like Elmo. Name is cupcakes with MnM's and i used a grass...
  • 18th Birthday Modeled after Taylor Swift's 18th birthday cake

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