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  • Dachsund Birthday Cake! Dachsund, tennis ball and rawhide bone made for a Birthday Girl, Roxanne!  Dachsund head is made of rice krispies covered...
  • Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies NFSC decorated with royal icing. Hello Kitty sugar cookies for 2 birthday girls!
  • Taylor Swift Birthday Cake! Taylor Swift logo is a fbct. Cake is a 9x13 inch in 2 layers.
  • Grooms Cake Is 16 Inches In 3 Layers Pineapple Flavor Covered In Fondant Chevy Logo Flames Circles With The Letters Are All Fondant T Groom's Cake is 16 inches in 3 layers!  Pineapple flavor covered in fondant!  Chevy logo, flames, circles with the letters...
  • Star Wars Millenium Falcon Battleship Grooms Cake, Millenium Falcon delivered to the wedding venue!  It was heavy, it took my 2 sons to lift, hold...
  • Toy Story Cake Toy Story Theme Cake!  Had to place a small cardboard to hold the box top so it looks open.  According...
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Cupcake-Cake Star Wars Darth Vader Pull Apart Cupcake Cake!
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Yo Gabba Gabba image is a fbct.   Cake is covered in buttercream!
  • Minnie Mouse and Smash Cake Minnie Mouse Theme Cake and Smash Cake!  Bow is fondant.  Pink Shoes are pensil sharpeners I found at Party City.
  • Angry Birds Cake Angry Birds!  Image is a FBCT.  Letters (ELIAH), and #7 are candy melt sitting on nfsc decorated with royal icing.
  • Baby Shower Baby Carriage Baby Carriage Baby Shower Cake.  16 inch round in 2 layers and two 8 inch cakes in 2 layers each....
  • Baby Shower Dress with Cupcake Tower Carved Dress Cake covered with buttercream icing!  Letters are candy melt.  Buttons are made with fondant.
  • Pink & Lime Dot Decorated Cupcake-Cake Pink & Lime Pull Apart Cupcake Cake!  Curly ribbon and 2 butterflies are not edible!