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  •  Barbie Cake Birthday Girl   Pink birthday cake, barbie - for a little girl turning 4. =)
  •  Joint Ladybird Birthday Cake   Large Cake base, with cake Ladybird. Sugar flowers and leaves. This was made for my two girls, Matilda turning 1...
  •  Minnie Mouse 1St Birthday Cake   Sculpted by hand birthday cake - Pink Minnie Mouse - all details done with sugar and royal icing.
  •  Red Ruby Anniversary Cake   Red Velvet and cream cheese frosting with sugar red roses and petals with diamonte detail
  •  Snow White Cake With Poison Apple Cupcakes
  •  Dora The Explorer Cake   Cake toppers made out of fondant. My 3rd ever fondant cake.Had to be super simple as it was being sent...
  •  Giant Cupcake   Ok, the design was to be based around leopard print, gold and glittery... the girl also loves her shows and...
  •  Waybuloo Cake   My first EVER cake... and i mean EVER... i was not a baking kitchen type person until i had my...
  •  Mario And Marvin The Martian Cake   This was only my second ever cake. A friend asked me to make this after she saw the birthday cake...