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  • Dress Cinderella, mice, mouse, stacked cake. Cinderella's dress. This is a stacked cake. A round cake at the bottom and a cake from the Wilton wonder...
  • Sponge Bob, Patrick sea, fish, shells I think this one speaks for itself, doesn't it?
  • Airbrush car Subway fondant The car is completely made with fondant. I used dowels underneath.
  • Fisherman made with fondant/sugar paste Lots of details on this cake. Shoe lace, stitches on clothing, waves, frog, etc. Cake is covered and decorated with...
  • 3 tier rosa pink purpe violet flower wedding cake with 3D hearts on top 3 tier sponge cake covered with sugar paste. The small heart on top respresents their baby girl. 25-20-25 cm. In...
  • Bumba clown and elephant I like getting comments.Thanks,Athina
  • Brightfull spring cupcakes fondant Brightfull spring cuccakes made with fondant.
  • Sesame Street  Sesamestreet Sesamstraat I love getting comments so please don't hesitate to give me some. Please also have a look at my other...
  • Pallette I like getting comments, so please don't hesitate to give me some. Thanks!
  • pink/white stacked cake with crowns, flowers and swags I made this fondant cake for a 2 year old girl.I don't think there is a lot to explain to...
  • DJ Turntable wedding cake I made this fondant cake as a wedding gift. It serves 80 people and was quite heave as you can...
  • Cake for 10 year old Karlijn I like getting comments, so please, don't be shy.
  • White and pink birthday cake with crowns, butterflies and flowers. I like getting comments, so please don't be shy.

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