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  • White and purple wedding cake First wedding cake.
  • Giant hotdog
  • Noah's arch
  • Flower bouquet
  • Garden cupcakes
  • Hot-dog cupcakes
  • Breakfast cupcake
  • Poker table
  • Big eyes turtle
  • Present cake This is for the 13th birthday of my second daughter.
  • First puppy Made this for my grand daughter's 1st birthday.
  • Flower Made this for my mother's birthday. The flower is made from royal icing and hand painted.
  • Spaghetti & meatballs Made this bowl of spaghetti & meatballs for my son in law who LOVES to eat!
  • Mario & Luigi Made this for my son's 11th birthday.
  • Happy monkey
  • Fish head and tale Covered with painted fondant.
  • Chocolate ganache and strawberry cake This is a cake filled with chocolate ganache forming a heart shape inside when cut in slices. Covered with buttercream...
  • Confirmation and first communion Made this for by daughter and son, who both made there first communion at the same time.
  • Baby dragon
  • Ladybug cake
  • Cross
  • Beach Seashells are made with melted candy.
  • Party cake Clown cake with buttercream icing.
  • Baby shower My first daughter is pregnant with her first child, a little baby girl. Made this cake for her baby shower...
  • Pizza Buttercream icing and fondant.My son's birthday, he wanted a pizza for diner!
  • Mickey mouse Made for my daughter's teacher. She is a big fan of Mickey mouse and was very happy. Buttercream icing.
  • Seashell
  • Warewolf My daughter wanted to make a brithday cake for her boyfriend. I coached her and she did very well. I'm...
  • 1284222518.JPG
  • Clown - funny cake Child's birthday cake. I made this to use the extra fondant I had.
  • Rainbow trout This cake was made for a 16th birthday. The young man is a fishing pro. All fondant.
  • Santa Claus Santa with Holiday message
  • Old guy For my faher in law at the request of my husband. It's a good thing he took it with a...
  • Ariel the Murmaid Candy seashells.
  • Silver back Gorilla This was for my dad's father's day. He loves Gorillas especiallay the Silverback.I finished the eyes too quickly because it...
  • Mother duck with her babies This is a gluten free and caseine free cake for my niece that suffers from autism. She had great fun...
  • Schtroumph All buttercream icing, the house is edible but the shtroumph are toys.
  • Barn All buttercream icing, it was fun to do.
  • My mom Chocolate cake with home made chocolate decorations on top for the chocolate lover she is.

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