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  •  My Attempt At Stained Glass Using Buttercream  I painted this stained-glass cake using buttercream. I piped on different colors of buttercream and smoothed the sections out with a small...
  •  2 Little Pug Cakes  These cakes were for a cute little 7 year old girl. She loves her little stuffed animal that is a pug. The bigger cake is a 1/4 Sheet and...
  •  Baby Shower Onesie Cake   This cake was decorated with 100% Buttercream
  •  Shark!  This is a white cake with buttercream icing. The shark is a white cake as well. It is iced in buttercream. All the decorations are...
  •  Paintball Splatter Cake   This is all buttercream. I blobbed on buttercream and then smoothed it out a little with a small offset spatula.
  •  Butercream Painting Of Dinosaur   I used buttercream to paint the dinosaur and the mountains and used and airbrush to paint the fire in the volcano and the meteor.
  •  Drumset  This is iced in buttercream and all decorations were painted with buttercream by using a small pallet knife and smoothing in with a little...
  •  Peacock Feathers On A Black Cake   This cake is iced in buttercream and all the decorations are in buttercream.
  •  Baby Whale Smash Cake  I used a small offset spatula and a little bit of water to paint this baby whale on this cake. It talks about 1/8 of the time fondant used...
  •  Baby Shower Cake   This is all painted with buttercream. I use a little bit of water and an offset spatula to smooth out the buttercream.
  •  Buttercream Fairy   I painted this fairy with buttercream
  •  Comic Book Cake  This is a Comic Book cake that I painted with Buttercream. I used to work with the artist whose cake I was inspired by. Her name was Andrea...
  •  Razorback Cake   The Razorback has been painted on the cake with buttercream.