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  • Butter Cream Covered Lego Cake I Got The Inspiration Online Thank You Butter Cream Was Hard To Work With Next Time It Will Be Fonda Butter Cream covered Lego cake.. I got the inspiration online (thank you!!).. Butter cream was hard to work with, next...
  • Captian American Cake Red White and Blue from the inside out, Captain America cake. Perfect for 4th of July. Oil painting by Tim...
  • Baby Blue Bear All buttercream
  • Steelers and Greenbay Super Bowl butter cream frosting and fondant decorations
  • Laarge cup cake flower pot Used buttercream and royal icing flowers
  • Chocolate Rose cake Chocolate butter cream with chocolate cake... Yum!
  • German Chocolate Cake German Chocolate Cake
  • Bear Fashion My niece made this for us.. I gave her the tools and she came up with this... So cute!!!
  • Fairy Dragon large cupcake with matching cupcakes Buttercream frosting, royal icing flowers and fondant dragon
  • Doggie and Frankinweenie inspired  fondant covered and fondant made fugues.. If you've seen the movie you'll get the tissue part. Made this for a...
  • Turquoise cupcakes with a litte touch Butter cream with gum paste flower and pearls
  • Yellow and Blue Yellow and Blue fondant covered cake. Ended up a little UCLA..ish
  • Hot Pink and Leopard print Hot pink fondant... I couldn't get leopard print fondant right, so I used a thick ribbon
  • 100 1965
  • Laker cake with matching cupcakes All buttercream frosting, used the soccer ball pan and a few matching cupcakes
  • Wonder Woman Cake Fondant covered Cake with crown made from fondant. Found inspiration on line, thank you !!
  • Calla Lilly Wedding Cake I got the inspiration from a photo I found on line.. Thank you for the inspiration!!! This was actually a...
  • Daisy Cake Fondant covered cake with gum paste daisies
  • Dia De Los Muertos Skull with bright colors This was my first skull cake to cover in fondant. I made MMF that was a little soft and shiny.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Patch Fondant covered with some piping webs, this was my sisters design.  I just helped with covering the cakes in fondant.....
  • Vailed Skull Woman all fondant
  • Cinco De Mayo - Taco bite Chocolate cake covered with fondant and light butter cream lettuce and cheese.. This came out a little weird looking, but...
  • Pink and White Heart Banana cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberry flavor piping with fondant roses.
  • Grave Yard Cake This cake was covered in oreo cookie crumbs for the dirt, bones made with white chocolate, my sister just drew...
  • Peach and Black Birthday Cake
  • easter flower cake Used whip cream frosting. First time.. Turn out ok, was a liitle airy
  • Easter Egg Fondant with royal icing flowers. Used egg shaped pan
  • Colton High School CA Make Hornet out of gumpaste. Cake was made with MMF and reg fondant decorations. Kids loved it.. I did my...
  • Go Cowboys Buttercream fosting with fondant decals
  • Heart Cake Heart shape banana cake with cream cheese frosting with chocolate deco and some MMF flowers.  The flower wilted in the...
  • Carrot Cake Carrot cake with MMF leafes to add come color.
  • zebra print 6 inch square cake with zebra print, purse and boot fondant deco
  • Spider Man Cake this is 6 in mini cake. I used a cup cake topper. My nephew loved it!
  • Froggy Kiss MMF and MMF figure. Used heart cake pan for a leaf
  • Pink Coach Pink Coach purse cake. Fondant
  • Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty Cake used a hello kitty shaped pan and buttercream frosting
  • Topsy Turvy This was my 2nd topsy turvy cake I made.. I need some more practice but it worked! I used MMF...
  • Girly Cake This was a banana cake with cream cheese frosting. I wanted to add a liilte chocolate so I started drawing..
  • Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments made with MMF and 2 soccor ball cake.. Got great deas from CC..
  • Marvin the Martin Marvin the Martian cake I made in memory of my sister on her b-day, she LOVED Marvin. Made with MMF....
  • halloween chocholate cake covered in MMF with fondant cut outs
  • Halloween cake yellow cake covered in MMF and fondant cut outs
  • radisrad and jabowakeez its a 8 in square covered in fondant with fondant decorations, tried to do a little checker affect on the...
  • Cowboy fan's birthday cake Made this for my husband, covered in fondant and fondant decorations
  • mummy cake butter cream frosting with a little coloring to give it the dirty look affect, its hard to see in photo...
  • mini halloween cake This is my first topsy turby cake, its a mini cake, I only made a single layer 8in and 6in....
  • Birthday cake Birthday cake.. just threw in come color
  • birthday cake with matching cupcakes I made this cake for my friends bday..Im still new with the fondant and learned a lesson not to put...
  • candy cake butter cream frosting, topped with skittles and twizlers pieces. Was made for a person who loves sweets!
  • good bye cake All buttercreak with royal icing flowers. I used mixed up the colors and try to make it look tropical
  • 21st bday cake All chocolate with fondant decorations
  • Sail boat I used all buttercream frosting with fondant strips.
  • Super Star Cake I did all fondant, my 1st teired cake. I used a fondant impression mat of vines and flowers to match...
  • Nightmare before Christmas Cake
  • Graduation cake
  • Valentines Cake Ok, so the brown and pink theme I had in my mind, did not look so great on this cake
  • Dodger Hat
  • Mothers day cake
  • Laker Cake
  • Round St Patricks day cake
  • St.Patricks day cake
  • Mickey Mouse Cake
  • Angels Cake Fondant Ball with buttercream base