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  • My litlle girl Vanilla cake with fondant. Lollipops,ballons,stars,sun & rainbowin gumpaste. The ponys are toys.
  • Pocoyo Handmade all figurines in gumpaste,Butter &vanilla cake with fondant.
  • Candy pops Vanilla cake w/Fondant in 2 tones, &handmade pops,#1 in gumpaste, thebuttoms Wilton plaques.
  • ladubugs for cupcakes red & black gumpaste, handmade modeling
  • Leo I made my own pattern for the tent in gumpaste, buttercream and yellow cake
  • Baby train All figurines in gumpaste,buttercream & vanilla butter cake
  • toys I made my own headboard pattern,buttercream beadspred,in vanilla butter cake
  • Pink ballet Figurines make in gumpaste, buttercream frosting and vanilla butter cake
  • My first steps in wedding cakes 35 years ago Glucose icing, buttercream & fondant.I do my own flowers and figurines in gumpaste. enjoy my works.......
  • Books for ever Buttercream, handmade book,pencil &paper in gumpaste
  • sweet pain Fondant,  vanilla butter cake
  • dominosssss buttercream & gumpaste
  • sweeties 6 Buttercream, gumpaste flowers & number, gelatin bubbles
  • Piratas Buttercream & fondant face
  • Elmos & friends party Elmos is handmade, I use cookiecutterfor others decorations
  • Diploma Buttercream & gumpaste
  • my little pal,s Gumpaste & handmade figurines...
  • Fantasy
  • Confirmacion Buttercake & buttercream frosting.Gumpaste
  • Baby,s .......
  • My tiny bear Butter cake, fondant & gumpaste figurines
  • My tiny closet Butter &vanilla cake. Fondant, dress,shoes,numbers in gumpaste
  • Summer Camp Buttercake & buttercream frosting, the figurines are handmade and  I use some plaques from ( ( numbers & letters from...
  • Dora-doradooora My litter girl like so much Dora & she said Drodadroda no Dora Explorer. fondat cake and flowers with Wilton...
  • keys for my life round tier 9 & 6 inches cake ,fondant blue & green , candles & details in gumpaste
  • 50sssssssssssss Buttercake, buttercream frosting & handmade figurines and details.
  • my mini castle I use fondant for the cake. The tower is made in carton & gumpaste.
  • carritos, carritos 8 roundcake & cupcakes, gumpaste trees & details.
  • cars,cars & more Butter cake, buttercream & gumpaste details
  • Bows butter cake, fondant and gumpaste flowers & bow.
  • Bunnies Buttercream basket tip and gumpaste bunnies, flowers and letters.
  • Bows
  • tiny butterflies chocolate cupcake with buttercream, flowers & butterflies in gumpaste,  the greenand whites dots in royal icing.
  • Manitas
  • Cupcaketower chocolate & buttercream top
  • Gracias
  • Babies Jungle Handmade figurines in gumpaste and fondant.
  • Babies Jumper Buttercream & gumpaste decorations
  • xmas-cookies
  • I LOVE 80'S
  • Kittycookie & cupscake Kittycookie, flowers,number & letters in gumpaste.Buttercream for cupcakes.
  • Castle for a little Princes
  • My 59s birth i made big flowers & little gerberas... cover the cake with petals... loved it!
  • Bugs in my garden
  • Dots, dots...
  • flowers dreams
  • Hanna Montana fever
  • Pizzaaasss candy for kids
  • cute babies bear
  • calabacitas
  • Gift box
  • Chu-chu train
  • Safe the planet
  • Maria's Dream
  • Innes 1 tea party
  • Maria's Engament

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