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  • ADSC-Baseball Cupcakes My son won the championship and to celebrate I made Vanilla cupcakes with fondant Baseball toppers. Food coloring pen used...
  • Adsc Halloween Cake Candy Corn Flowers Tfl ADSC—Halloween Cake ....candy corn flowers. TFL!
  • Adsc Cupcake Bouquet ADSC-cupcake bouquet
  • Adsc A Small Cupcake Bouquet I Made For A Friend ADSC-a small cupcake bouquet I made for a friend....
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  • ADSC_Going Away Cake Cake for a couple who is moving to New York! Gumpaste peonies, roses and ribbon. Fondant pearl necklace. Cake bling....
  • ADSC-Copper Flower Cake for Sofia Chocolate Cake with Coffee flavored IMBC filling. Covered in Chocolate sprinkles and fondant flower & ribbon.
  • ADSC_Easter Cake A cake that I made for my Church coffee hour. The egg on top is made out of RKT and...
  • Adsc Leos 1st Birthday For My Nephews Son Thomas The Tank Chocolate Cake With Coffee Flavored Italian Meringue Buttercream Tfl ADSC-Leo's 1st Birthday. For My nephew's son -Thomas the Tank. Chocolate cake with Coffee flavored Italian Meringue Buttercream. TFL!!
  • ADSC-Becky's Royal Day A birthday cake fit for a princess. Buttercream piped roses (things got messy but thank goodness buttercream is forgiving) on...
  • Adsc Elenas Shoe ADSC_Elena's shoe
  • Adsc Megans Present ADSC_Megan's present
  • Adsc Spooky Halloween House ADSC-Spooky Halloween House
  • Thank you.... A 'thank you' for being a nice friend cake.
  • Starfish Anniversary 30th Anniversary Ocean Themed Cake.
  • Wizard of Oz This cake was done for my daughter's 4th grade production of the Wizard of Oz after party. Cake inside was...
  • Sophie's Circus For a child's first birthday.
  • ADSC_Silver Stiletto A fun birthday cake for a teen....gumpaste shoe, fondant purses all else buttercream. TFL!
  • ADSC_Sandcastle Wedding A Sandcastle wedding cake for a beach wedding.....
  • ADSC_Easter Egg 3D Easter Egg.  Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Filling. Gumpaste flowers & fondant bow.  TFL!!
  • ADSC_Racing to 50 50th Birthday Cake - bottom tier done with the piped roses technique (which is so much fun to do).  Chocolate...
  • ADSC_Necklace Display For a jewelry store......red velvet cake with a chocolate ganache filling. Isomalt jewel and fondant embelleshments. TFL!
  • ADSC_Zebra - My 40th! I did this for my 40th birthday tomorrow (New Year's Eve) just a quickie cake I threw together - nothing...
  • ADSC_Mom's Teapot Made this for my Mother-in-law who will 82 on Dec 23 this year!  She always does tea with my kids...
  • ADSC_Frosty Frosty - All Buttercream - except for Frosty Figurine which is half fondant/gumpaste as well as snowflakes.  Gingerbread cake and...
  • ADSC_Zebra Bag & Red Shoes
  • ADSC_Vineyard Cake This was for a bridal shower and modeled after Margaret Braun's Lunch w/ Fredrick Cake......Picture doesn't show as well all...
  • ADSC_Castle Cake Little girl's castle with gumpaste princesses.  Everything is pretty much edible.  Alot of work......
  • ADSC__Ivory Gift Boxes Small wedding - 2nd Marriage- customer wanted simple and elegant......
  • ADSC_Books - Dante's College Graduation For my nephew graduating from college....YEAH!!
  • ADSC_Princess Ava's - Cinderella For a little girl who loves Cinderella.......
  • ADSC_Animal Kindgom Princess
  • ADSC_Burberry Gift Box For a Male's Birthday......
  • ADSC_Molly's Peace Pillow cake - done with smallest of the Wilton Cake Pans
  • ADSC_Princess Daly
  • ADSC_Pool Cake Little girl's birthday - pool party themed......
  • ADSC_Sleepover Cake Did this for a little girl's 8th birthday and first sleepover party.
  • ADSC_Ashley's Leopard Cake
  • ADSC_Pinkalicious
  • ADSC_Limoge Blue Did this cake just about two years ago - my first attempt at a limoge box.
  • ADSC_Fall Pumpkin
  • ADSC_Brown & Tan Purse Cake modeled after the Elisa Strauss cake in her how-to book.  TFL!
  • ADSC_Baby Shower-Blue
  • ADSC_Sabrina's Pearls
  • ADSC_Zebra Bag & Red Shoes
  • ADSC_Flip Flops
  • ADSC_Wine Bottle Cake
  • ADSC_Flag Cake
  • ADSC_First Communion-Girl Gumpaste figurine. Fondant flowers on cake & cupcakes.
  • ADSC_Sewing Cake All sewing notions were made of fondant and/or gumpaste.  80th Birthday for a sewing enthusiast.  Loved making this cake!
  • ADSC_Valentine's Heart Cake
  • ADSC_Handbag & Gift Boxes Gumpaste Bow, Shoes & Flowers.  Fit for a shoe & handbag lover's birthday. TFL!
  • ADSC_Purple Quilted Purse
  • ADSC_ Flower Basket
  • ADSC_Black & White w/ Cameo Bow This cake was for a Female's 40th Birthday and wanted something glamorous.  Coconut cake with Lemon & Coconut Filling.  Bow...
  • ADSC_Dragon Cupcakes
  • ADSC_Vin & Jen's Wedding Cake
  • ADSC_Black & Pink Confirmation/Communion This cake was done for a Girls Confirmation who wanted something less than traditional.  :)
  • ADSC_Halloween Birthday Cake 40th Birthday & Halloween party.
  • ADSC_Ugly Doll cake Buttercream frosted cake w/ MMF Ugly doll cut-outs. Vanilla cake w/ chocolate buttercream. TFL!
  • ADSC_Boy Baby Shower Gumpaste booties & bows. Cake covered in MMF.  Bottom tier - chocolate cake w/ hazelnut buttercream, middle tier Vanilla w/...

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