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  • first baby shower cake baby shower cake , yellow cake used molds from first impressions and mini cookie cutters
  • stove top cake it was so hot the cake was falling apart and bubbling.. but it still came out ok
  • dora birthday cupcakes and mini cake
  • mini and mickey club house cupcakes
  • sweet 16 cupcakes
  • Bubble guppie cake my daughters 2nd birthday and her favorite show
  • Hello kitty person gave me a pic of a cake and this is a remake of it
  • pisces birthday cake
  • barbie cake
  • vegan heart cupcakes vegan chocolate cupcakes for my daughters class
  • Chocolate Peanut butter cheese cake -bday cheese cake i decorated for someones birthday, they loved it, one layer is brownie  and one layer is cheese cake
  • flower cupcake
  • scream cuocake
  • christmas cake= sweetpotato cake gingerbread cake with sweetpotao and maple cream cheese frosting
  • dinosaur train birthday cake i made for a child 1 st birthday , I specially made the dinosaur train cake logo over with childs...
  • blue/yellow this was a practice cake i did
  • fondant fish had some fondant left over and decided to practice a fish, it could of been alot cleaner but my first...
  • fondant ribbon roses my first time trying to make these
  • baby bootie and bear cake
  • cat on pillow cake my sister in law turned 21 and loves animals especially cats so i suprised her with this cake
  • redvelvet cupcakes I made these for a friends birthday
  • black/white and pink cupcakes and icecream cone cupcakes I needed to make a header for my blog and i made these cupcakes and took photos. Plus i had...
  • Call of duty cake-m16 this is 2layer  butter cake, I blew up a pic of m16 and croped it into two section and printed...
  • football birthday cake pund cake sheet cake with 4 layer football 3d cake on top , fondant decorations and buttercream filling
  • graduation hat cake yellow cake with banana and strawberry filling, fondant cake with , butter cream decorations hat was made out of cake...
  • graduation cake with basketball yelow cake with butter cream filling, picture cake, fondant cake with buttercream decorations and gel piping.  with basketball cake on...
  • minnie mouse cake rainbw box cake  with butter cream frosting and fondant decorations
  • Tinkerbell "pull apart cupcakes" these are 18-pull apart cupcakes  I made fro my Little cousins class she is in pre-k
  • tinkerbell cake and cupcake yellow cake and cupcakes made out of buttercream and fondant decorations
  • PURSE CAKE THis cake was made for my friends birthday . It was a banana cake with herlom frosting
  • yo gabba gabba cake the person that ordered the cake found a picture from arteatsbakery.com of the cake they wanted, i made some small...
  • yo gabba gabba birthday cake my first sheet cake , this was for my daughters first birthday that just recently passed, the music box was...
  • square cupcakes these square cupcake  and cheese cake cups were made for co-workers birthday office party
  • baby shower strawberry cupcakes my first baby shower cupcakes with home made buttercream frosting
  • picture cake my first picture cake
  • purple birthday cake actually this cake was a disaster that came out ok. the idea was to make a giftbox cake madee out...
  • Happy "birtday" cake so i made this cake for someones birthday and didnt realize the H in birthday was missing and neither did...
  • thank you cake this cake I made for someoe just to say thanks for there help
  • drum set cake my first fondant cake, It very dificult for me to do, Im very proud of it. It was for my...