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  •  Graduation Cake   Fondant strips laid on round cakes. No time to do the balls, drove 12 hours to deliver it.
  •  Piano Cake  February, 2011 Connecticut Cake Competition Blue-Ribbon winner - Theme of show was 'Things from the South'. Cake dummy with...
  •  Calla Lilies And Sea Shells  Gum paste Calla Lilies, white chocolate shells, fondant balls. My first-ever attempt at calla lilies, no time to practice with only one...
  •  Fenway Park Cake   Buttercream frosting
  •  Irish Pub Anniversary   Used Sculpey for Tree of Life - the owner was able to hang it on the wall at the bar. Buttercream frosting.
  •  Baby Shower   Used doll house furniture. Buttercream, paper cut-outs of Dory.
  •  Baby Shower   Buttercream frosting, silk butterfly confetti pieced together with beads on floral wire.
  •  Retirement   Sculpey fence, Lindt truffles for the path. I used truffles because of her husband's ties to them at his job.
  •  Luau Cake   Buttercream - I used graham crackers to form the hut, and natural sugar for the sand on the beach.
  •  Confederate Flag Birthday Cake   A friend does civil war reenactments - buttercream frosting.
  •  Graveyard Birthday Cake   I made this for a 40th birthday. I used Sculpey for the fence, gravestones and wheel barrow.
  •  Beaver Birthday Cake   My daughter was headed to college, and the mascot is a Beaver. All buttercream.
  •  Elmo Birthday Cake   All buttercream - I used the round fondant cutters as a guide to make the circles round.

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