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  • Minnie Mouse Cake Pops minnie mouse oreo pops
  • Valentine cookies butter cookies with a royal type frosting
  • Easter Cupcakes chocolate cupcakes with grass buttercream. Plunger cutter used for the fondant toppers.
  • jungle animal cake chocolate cakes with fondant decorations. fondant animals and palm tree.
  • Rubik's Cube Cake Chocolate and buttercream cake. covered in fondant and fondant sqaures to make the cube.
  • Thanksgiving cookies butter cookies cut out as pumpkins, acorns, turkeys and leaves.
  • Pink Birthday Cake Red Velvet cake with a pink cream cheese frosting done for my birthday. Ruffled flowers are done in gumpaste with...
  • Mississippi State Cowbell Cookies butter cookies with a piped icing in maroon and white
  • Green and brown ruffle flower cake 10 inch butter cake with buttercream frosting. Covered in mmf. Ruffle flowers are a fondant/gumpaste mix. Bride's colors are green...
  • flower cupcakes Vanilla, chocolate and pound cakes with buttercream frosting--topped with tiny fondant flowers
  • Bubblegum cupcakes Vanilla cake with a bubblegum buttercream and topped with a giant gum ball
  • Bow cake chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Bow is fondant/gumpaste mix, dots are all fondant.
  • PSP cake PSP cake for a birthday. Butter cake with buttercream. Covered in fondant with fondant details  that I painted silver.
  • Spring cupcakes lemon cupcakes with a blueberry buttercream.
  • Rose cake strawberry cake with buttercream rose swirls to decorate.
  • Army tank cake Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for a little boy's birthday. Tank is RKT covered in fondant with fondant details. Brown...
  • Jungle Animal Cupcakes Chocolate cupcake with buttercream. Animals and leaves done in fondant. Got the inspiration from others on here :)
  • Star Wars Cake 1/2 sheet cake--half butter, half chocolate. Buttercream filling and covered in MMF. Death star is RKT covered in fondant and...
  • Minnie Mouse Cake The second Minnie cake--this one for a 1 year old. Chocolate bottom, butter top and all buttercream. Accents are fondant/gumpaste...
  • Skull Cupcakes Red Velvet with cream cheese cupcakes. Toppers are fondant/gumpaste stamped with a skull.
  • Candy Corn Cupcakes Butter cake with a buttercream frosting. Cake was colored to look like a candy corn.
  • Cookie Monster Cupcake Oreo cupcakes with fondant cookie monster toppers
  • Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes Orange creamsicle cupcakes with an orange buttercream. Thanks for all of the ideas on here!! :)
  • Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cake Cowboys cheerleader boob cake. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Covered in mmf. All decorations done in fondant.
  • Fondant Bow Cake Vanilla cake with chocolate swiss meringue frosting. Covered in mmf. Decorations and bow all fondant.
  • paw print cookie pops Dog paw and bone cookie pops. Butter cookie with a buttercream frosting.
  • Strawberry cupcakes Strawberry cake from scratch with a strawberry swiss meringue
  • Ohio State University Cake The Ohio State University Cake. Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting.
  • Giant cupcake birthday cake Giant cupcake on a 1/2 sheet cake for a little girl's 1st birthday. Butter cake with strawberry filling and buttercream...
  • Sunflower cupcakes Butter cakes with buttercream frosting. Flowers made out of oreo cookies and piped frosting. Ladybugs are m&m's with frosting dots.
  • Baby Block Cakes Baby block cakes for a shower. Cakes are red velvet with a white chocolate buttercream. Decorations are all fondant.
  • Popcorn Cupcakes Butter cakes with "popcorn" marshmallows
  • Easter bunny cake Bunny shaped cake. Cake is a coconut tea cake with buttercream frosting piped on.
  • Easter Cupcakes Pink lemonade cupcakes with lime frosting topped with fondant eggs
  • Chocolate chip cupcakes Chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream frosting
  • Chocolate Ganache Cupcake Chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow filling. Topped with a ganache frosting.
  • Team Edward Cucpakes Twilight team edward vampire cupcakes. Strawberry filled chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. The "blood" is a strawberry filling.
  • Dice Cookies Dice frosted butter cookies for a bunco game
  • Caramel Buttercream Chocolate Cupcakes Rolo filled chocolate cupcakes. Caramel buttercream with chocolate squiggles
  • Cookie Cupcake Pops Oreo Cookie and buttercream cupcake pops.
  • Round Birthday cake 6 inch round birthday cake. Chocolate cake with ganache filling and buttercream frosting.
  • Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie Mouse cake for a 2 year old. Marble cake with buttercream frosting. Minnie heads, ears and bow are all...
  • Super Mario Cake Super Mario Birthday cake for my husband. 2 tiered chocolate cake. Covered in MMF. All of the figures are done...
  • Purse Birthday Cake I made this for my birthday. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. This was my first time carving a cake...
  • Christening Cake 2 tiered cake for a little boy's christening. Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. Stripes and flowers are fondant.
  • 1st birthday boy cake 1st birthday cake for a little boy. Vanilla cake with buttercream. Chick is fondant and matched the party invite.
  • Luau cake 3 tiered luau cake for a wedding shower. Bottom is vanilla with strawberry filling. Middle is chocolate with ganache. Top...
  • Transformer Cake Transformer Autobot cake for a 6 year old's birthday. Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant transformer face
  • Graduation Cake Graduation cake. Butter cake with buttercream and fondant accents. Cap is gumpaste.
  • Easter egg cake Red velvet cake covered in fondant

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