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  •  Pokemon Cake   Blackout chocolate cake with Massimo fondant. All figures hand made with gum paste.
  •  Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower   Apple Pie Cake with vanilla b/c and Massimo fondant. All figures hand made with gum paste.
  •  Louboutin Shoe   Gum paste shoe for a friend's birthday. Made a chocolate cake w/chocolate ganache frosting also.
  •  Girl's Birthday Cake   Strawberry BC cake with hand make gum paste roses.
  •  Asian Theme Engagement Cake   2 tiered BC cake with hand made gum paste flower and "Love" symbol in Chinese character.
  •  Wedding Cake  Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse; vanilla cake filled with cannoli filling. WABC; gum past flower. Groom was big Carolina...
  •  Singing Minnie   Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry cake filled with chocolate mousse covered in fondant. Painted fondant Minnie.
  •  Just Fishin'   Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry cakes with WABC frosting and fondant figures
  •  Sleighing Santa & Reindeers   Chocolate cake with WABC; fondant figures
  •  New Year's Eve B'day Cake  3 tiers of chocolate cake, 2 filled with cannoli filling and 1 with chocolate mousse. Covered in b/c. All decorations are hand made gum...
  •  Orange Flavored White Cake Wchocolate Mousse Filling And Orange Flavored Buttercream Frosting Gum Paste Flowers   Orange flavored white cake w/chocolate mousse filling and orange flavored buttercream frosting. Gum paste flowers.
  •  Black/white Sophisticated Birthday Cake  Chocolate cake w/Italian custard and fresh raspberry filling. Chocolate B/C frosting with gum paste flower and circles. I saw this on here...
  •  Red Velvet Wcreamcheese Frosting On Bottom Fresh Strawberry Wfresh Strawberry Filling In Middle And Lemon Wlemon Curd On Top All Cove  Red velvet w/creamcheese frosting on bottom. Fresh strawberry w/fresh strawberry filling in middle and lemon w/lemon curd on top. All...

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