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  • gumpaste rose First try at a rose :)
  • Magnolia First time at a Magnolia, i just started making flowers. Need more practice :)
  • First try at Calla lillies I need more practice on them, i tried to dust them a little with canary yellow luster dust. tfl :)
  • Mini cupcakes
  • minnie mouse all buttercream, fondant ears/ bow. 3x5 inch cake
  • N.Y. Yankee's cap Ahh, i had a great time making this hat. Its was my first time and after i was done i...
  • mini cones and cake I saw this while browsing and loved the idea.  Vanilla cake inside with m&m's.
  • chocolate cake balls :D First time making these, simple and delicious. :) TFL
  • pink Just practicing...tfl.
  • Mini cakes This is my first try at roses and mini's.  It wasn't so simple crumb coating them. I'm happy with the...
  • Lady Bugs When i was done with this cake it made me smile :) Its a 6 inch covered with mmf, ladybugs...
  • Mother's day cupcakes I got this idea from a mother's day card my daughter got me. It sorta looks like scrapbooking. Tfl :)
  • Lil bird house This little bird house is  about 4 inches tall, the bird, and the bird house are all fondant. The flowers...
  • Hello Kitty vanilla cake covered in fondant made for my neice.
  • who lives in a pineapple  under the sea? lol chocolate cake
  • Flowers with chocolate I was inspired by Colette's cakes. This cake was made for a birthday. Thank u for looking.
  • Purple cake Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  Tfl
  • baby buggy My first time making a baby shower cake, the girl who ordered it was very happy with it. Its vanilla...
  • mini purse My first Chanel purse...it measure about 4x5 inches.
  • blue and magenta This is my second cake i've sold...yayy. It was supposed to be an 8 inch bottom cake with a 6...
  • Backyardigans This was my first time selling cupcakes and i was excited.. lol. They were for a baby boy having his...
  • blossoms I'm practicing for a cake i'm doing this weekend for a birthday party.  This mini is a 4x2.
  • mini garden cake I'm pleased how this turned out. Its a mini 4 inch cake.  TFL :)
  • Ying Yang cupcake Inspired by someone here on CC.   TFL
  • little pumpkins I had fun maikng these, all mmf.
  • Just for fun Mini cake Chocolate inside and out. TFL
  • rose cake I made this for a special friend on her birthday. Its a mini vanilla sponge cake  with chocolate frosting, everything...
  • mini teacup My first teacup :)  TFL
  • mini purse Second purse, its about 4x2 inches.
  • mini giftbox Its pound cake with vanilla custard and mmf. The bow is gumpaste, i know i need more practice on bows...
  • The Princess and the Frog I made this cake for my two neices, they loved it. All fondant accents except for the tiera and wand....
  • mini purse This is my first time making a purse cake, thanks to cupcakenvy's tutorials. Its simple but but i think its...
  • pink cupcake I'm making 23 more of these. Its for a little girls birthday. Thnx for looking.
  • Girl with lollipop This is my 3rd doll...thnx for lookin. :)
  • blossoms mini cake This is my 2nd mini cake, its a 3x2.   Thnx  4 lookin'
  • girl with cupcake second attempt with this gumpaste figure.
  • My first mini cake Inspired by cupcakenvy, its a 3x2 and 4x2 cake. I tried to get a chocolate brown color for the flower...
  • Valentine's day cake I made this cake on Valentine's day of 2008 for my daughter. I just found the pic. Its vanilla inside...
  • chocolate ganache I made this cupcake 2 yrs ago..lol. I just found some old pics in my files and decided to post...
  • food for thought I made these chocolate cookies covered in mmf for a friend. They're pretty big. I haven't tried RI yet but...
  • Southern belle hat cookies Just making the best out of today :) It was fun making these. MMF on top.
  • fantasy cookies i know they're very blue but they were delicious. :)
  • isla del encanto Ahh! i was excited when i finished these cupcakes. Gumpaste and MMF on top. =)
  • cherry blossoms something i did for my daughter.
  • rainbow Had to put this up. MMF on top...TFL.
  • pink and blue babies aww, i luv these. Hope you do too.
  • cookie monster I got this idea from youtube, they were simple to make. Its a muffin.
  • Bride cupcake Its an upside down vanilla cupcake. Everything else is marshmallow fondant. Its my first time making a doll. TFL  :)
  • lil cuties These are the 2nd pair of baby shoes ive done, still practicing. :) thnx for looking.
  • just for fun :D thought this would be cute...its vanilla inside.
  • Pride  Cupcakes i made these for a good friend. chocolate fudge cupcake with marshmellow fondant.
  • cupcake cone chocolate cupcake with vanilla whipped icing.  :) Thnks for lookin'
  • basket of daisies I made this cake for my aunt just because, its chocolate inside and out. The daisies are made out of...
  • baby blue is her favorite I made this cake for my daughter's 17 b-day yesterday. Its marshmellow fondant, and chocolate cake inside with chocolate buttercream...