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  • Ruffle Cake with Chocolate Covered Strawberries This is a small little 6 inch cake that I made for my birthday.  It's WASC with vanilla buttercream.  Used...
  • WASC Cake with fondant snow flakes and christmas tree This is a simple cake I threw together.  It is WASC with fondant accents and vanilla buttercream.
  • Birthday Cake with edible Justin Bieber Image This was for my 6 year old niece.  She loved it.  It's half chocolate and half funfetti with buttercream icing....
  • Christmas Package Birthday Cake This is half white and half chocolate with buttercream and fondant bow and snowflakes. I also sprayed edible shimmer spray...
  • Spaghetti and Meatball cupcakes This was for my dad's birthday.  I used ferrero rocher candies with strawberry preserves for the meatballs and sauce and...
  • Zebra Stripe Birthday Cake with bow and stars This is my first tiered cake.  Wish it would have turned out better but hopefully will taste good.  Bottom is...
  • Chocolate Cake with edible fish image This cake is chocolate version of WASC with vanilla buttercream.  Bass is an edible image.
  • Baby Shower Cupcakes Red Velvet with cream cheese icing and fondant onesies
  • Baby Shower cake with First Impressions Baby Mold This is my first time using the First Impressions Baby Mold.  I thought she turned out cute.  Cake is WASC...
  • Zebra Stripe Cake Final Cake for Fondant/Gumpaste Class
  • Deer silhouette camo cake Chocolate WASC cake.  The deer is a FBCT and the leaves are made of fondant/gumpaste blend.
  • Strawberry Barrel Cake WASC cake made for a friends birthday.  Surrounded by pirouette cookies.
  • School Bus Birthday Cake WASC with Vanilla Buttercream.  Pin Prick school bus.
  • Cucpakes These are chocolate wasc cupcakes.  Some with chocolate buttercream and some with vanilla.  They have chocolate frogs, butterflies, and crayons...
  • Final Cake in Flower & Cake Design Basketweave with gumpaste flowers
  • Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake Bouquet.  Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Buttercream/Chocolate Buttercream.
  • WASC Birthday Cake This is a birthday cake that I made this weekend.  First time making buttercream roses.
  • Cornelli Lace Baby Shower Cake Cake is Chocolate WASC with Vanilla Buttercream.  Fondant onesie and pansies and cornelli lace.
  • Star Wars Cake WASC, Vanilla Buttercream, pin prick method
  • Course 1 Final Cake WASC with classic buttercream.  I was so happy that I learned how to make the ribbon roses last night and...
  • 1st Course 2nd Class Cake
  • Strawberry Barrel Cake This cake is french vanilla with chocolate buttercream and topped with glazed strawberries.
  • Justin Bieber Birthday Cake The cake is half chocolate and half french vanilla with butterecream icing and fondant accents.
  • Reese's Cup Barrel Cake This is a Devil's Food Cake with Peanut Buttercream.