Retired Technical Writer
Nazareth Illit IL
Cake decorating, bread baking, gardening



figarodt - Dorit (Dieuwke) Tabori-Menso

Reited te h ical writer and translator

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  • Children's birthday jungle cake 6th Birtday Jungle Cake
  • For A Retiring Basketball And Soccer Referee Everything Is Edible For a retiring Basketball and Soccer referee.Everything is edible!
  • Purple Open Jewelry Case Cake Purple Open Jewelry Case Cake
  • Bling Bling Over The Top 3 Tier Wedding Cake Bling Bling 'Over the Top' 3-tier wedding cake
  • My own big birthday cake Nobody dares anymore to  make me a birthday cake, so I made my own. We had premission to bring it...
  • Wheat and Sunflower fields After a wheat harvest celebration this little girl wanted a birthday cake with a little girl holding a bushel of...
  • Peacock cake For a long time I wanted to make a peacock cake, just because it such a beatiful and inspiring bird....
  • Polka dots and bow For my mother in law's 92d birthday. Because she has low vision I went for a simple design and strong...
  • Roses for the 80th birthday of a sweet lady Pink roses for the 80th birthday for a lovely old lady who loves flowers. These won't wilt.
  • Tinkerbell for kindergarten birthday party. My granddaughter wanted a Tinkerbell cake for her 5th birthday. This one was for the birthday party in kindergarten
  • Tinkerbell My oldest granddaughter asked for a Tinkerbell cake. This one was for the childrens's party at home
  • Elmo cake This was for my youngest grand daughter's 2nd birthday. She carries Elmo with her wherever she goes since she was...
  • Breast Cancer awareness cupcakes I am a 'Reach to Recovery" volunteer. Our group participated in a Dragon Boat race. I made these pink ribbon...
  • My own small birthday cake For my own birthday I could try out new techniques. I made an open and a closed peony and tried...
  • Dutch birthday cake for my daughter A Dutch birthday cake for my daughter who received Dutch citizenship on the day of her birthday
  • Princess Castle for a little princess A pink princess castle with a figurine that looks a little like our own princess
  • Fire engine Fire engine for 3rd birthday
  • Princess Princess cake for granddaughter/s 3rd birthday
  • Retirement
  • Purim Clowns For the holiday of Purim which resembles carnaval
  • Cats My daughter lovers cats. This was for her 36th birthdat
  • Baby Boy For friends who had a baby boy after two girls
  • Retirement For my best friend's retirement
  • Small personal Pooh cake A small personal Pooh cake. My granddaughter  celebrated her 4th birthday in kindergarten with a large Pooh & Friends cake....
  • Pooh & Friends II Pooh & Friends Birthday Picknick - for my granddaughter's 4th birthday
  • Pooh and Friends Made for my granddaughter's 4th birthday party in kindergarten
  • Christmas Cake
  • Stargazer Lily spray on 91st birthday cake Cake for my mother in law's 91st birthday,Chocolate cake filled with white and dark chocolate ganache.
  • Baby cake Baby cake, celebrate the homecoming of my very prematurely born grand daughter. after over two and a half months in...
  • Happy birthday dad For my son's 33rd birthday, the birth of his first daughter and upcoming Ph.d graduation
  • Three gnomes Three gnomes sitting on a log at the foot of a hill with rabbit ladybugs, slugs, mice, a pocupine and...
  • 70th birthday For a friend's 70th birday after many years as a traffic police volunteer
  • Birthday cake Made for my own birthday
  • Toppers for chilren's birthday cupcakes Animal Toppers for chilren's birthday cupcakes
  • Children's story