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  • Shrek The nose, "ears", eye brows, etc are all sculpted from fondant. Entire cake covered in fondant.I carved out the shape...
  • Farm Animal Cupcakes Cupcakes with piped "grass" in green BC.
  • Bowling Cake Bowling ball made from classic glass batter bowl and trimmed to resemble a ball. Bowling pins are sugar cookies.I don't...
  • Overalls 11X15X2 2 layer sheet cake. Iced with decorators buttercream, freehanded overalls outline and filled in by piping stars. The customer...
  • UGA "G" Cake 8X3" round cake iced with decorators buttercream. Shell border. "G" outline and filled in with piped stars.
  • Mock Wedding Cake My first tiered cake. Covered in fondant, real ribbon border, sugar pears.
  • Gift Cake Wilton Course cake, fondant covered, fondant bow & flower cut outs.
  • Double Doozie Cookie Cake 2 layers of chocolate chip cookie cake with cream cheese frosting in the middle.
  • Congratulations! Sheet cake iced with BC
  • Strawberry Cake Iced with whipped cream, fresh strawberries on top
  • Swirl Flower Cake I made a lot of swirl flowers out of BC and decided to use them on a cake.
  • Wilton Course 1 Cake This is my 1st cake from Wilton Course 1. I think this would have been much better if I had...
  • Kit Kat Cake 8" cake iced with chocolate frosting, kit kat bars around the sides, filled in with m&m's. This cake has endless...
  • Clown Cake Wilton Course 1 Clown cake
  • Reeses Cake Chocolate cake, iced with cream cheese frosting, melted chocolate drizzle, with chopped Reeses peanut butter cups thrown on top. This...
  • Motorcycle Sheet Cake 11X15X2 sheet cake, iced in cream cheese frosting. Writing and borders in chocolate cream cheese icing with toy motorcycles on...
  • Elmo Cupcakes BC in Red icing used grass tip to pipe fur onto cupcake, oreo cookies halved for Elmo's mouth, 2 white...
  • Easter Basketweave Cake Wilton Course 2 Final Cake. I used the oval cake pan included in course 2 kit. Frosted in BC, Royal...
  • Easter Egg Basket Cake 8" 2 layers carved out to fit individual mini egg cakes into "basket"
  • Roses Cake Wilton Course 1 final cake

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