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  •  Cowboy Cake/boots   Red/Black swirled white cake, buttercream icing, fondant "bobwire and boots". Used the themed napkins for pattern/colors.
  •  Giant Cupcake   Made using chocolate shell for cupcake liner. Sprinkles and cherry are fondant/gum paste mix.
  •  Camo Wedding And Tree/fall Leaves Cake  I was asked to replicate another baker's cake, and I won't do that. I did it my way, to give them their own individual cake. The...
  •  Hello Kitty   Cake made for a little girl's birthday, using the photo from the plate to make the frozen butter cream transfer for this cake.
  •  Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Icing  Anniversary cake for chocolate lovers. Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing. The cupcakes are carrot cake and red velvet cake...
  •  My First Fondant/gumpaste Rose  Client asked for small 5" cake with a large red rose on top. After watching a few tutorials on making flowers by hand, I attempted the...
  •  "precious Planets" Lion   I used the Wilton Lion pan and a photo of the Precious Planets baby lion to make this cake.
  •  Baby Taz  Client wanted Baby Looney Tunes themed shower and her favorite is Baby Taz. I used a real pacifier and the diaper is a baby wash cloth,...
  •  Girls Like Tractors Too!   Mini sunflower cupcakes and a tractor were what the birthday girl wanted...that's what she got!
  •  New Strawberry Shortcake  Client wanted the NEW Strawberry Shortcake for her daughter's birthday. I made a 9x13 cake and the FBCT of Strawberry for the...
  •  Sea Turtle Cupcakes   Sea turtle cupcakes using candies for the turtles...easy to make and the kids loved them!
  •  First Attempt At Topsy Turvy Cake   This was my first attempt and the lady called me 2 days before she wanted the cake...I know what NOT To do next time!
  •  University Of Miami Cake   For a little boy's 10th birthday party...he was surprised by the inside!