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  • Glee Cheerios Uniform Cake All I knew about the birthday girl was that her name was Casie and she likes Glee. I came up...
  • cake for a group celebration all buttercream
  • Captain America Shield 12" round- single layer
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • goldfish cake and smash cakebig cake had orange goldfish inside, smash cake was blue cake with white bubbles inside
  • Mickey cake
  • rosette cake devil's food cake with coffee soak, bavarian cream filling, cream cheese icing
  • alphabet safari hope I can rotate this one?Nope
  • Banana Rama Marble cupcakes w/ banana filling, whipped vanilla icing, chocolate ganache, banana RUNT topper
  • white and white Brides cake for a rustic venue14" 11" and 8" tiers
  • Blackberry Preserves cake Quick and easy but people raved about it.
  • Patchwork Hello Kitty Lots of little fondant pieces and royal icing "stitches" SO MUCH fun!
  • pink and orange a "W" themed party (water slides, waffle cones, wiffle ball, etc.)It won't let me rotate! Sorry!
  • Super Cake I can't remember who I stole this design from- anyone?
  • Polar Express cake
  • Candy cake My son's 5th birthday cake- a tribute to candy :)"candles" on top are candy, too
  • Silly Princesses Piping practice
  • Auburn petal cake
  • Batcake
  • Blue and green dots
  • Blues Clues!
  • GIR This cake it little
  • Mississippi State cake w. petal sides
  • Elmo cake I left the paper towels in there so it would be safer to transport
  • Pirate cake Mom wanted a pirate cake with no skulls
  • roller skating party! Cake made to match invitation
  • Dots and flowers
  • AKA Graduation cake They sent me a pic of a cake they liked and I did my best to make something similar :)
  • Eye of Sauron I found this design on the internet and tried to make one for my friend.
  • Morgan's Minnie Mouse Cake lots and lots of fondant, y'all
  • Bloggess cupcakes If you don't read the Bloggess's blog, you should.
  • Cake ALOT I like this cake alot.
  • Train cake
  • 4th Birthday- Hot Wheels cake So fun, y'all!
  • Alphabet Safari alternating layers of pink and white cakebuttercream, fondant animals and letters
  • shades of pink swirly roses devil's food cake w/ coffee infusion, bavarian cream filling, cream cheese icing
  • purple K
  • Drummer bear cake for a friend who is a drummer and is having a baby!
  • cocktail cake A cocktail cake for a stock-the-bar shower
  • Baby's christening cake white and white and white
  • Muppet cake I made this cake for my muppet-loving, Tab drinking, drummer brother.
  • Rubber Duckie cake
  • snake cake on Cocoa Pebbles!
  • Wizard of Oz Shoes are fondant rolled in sparkling sugarThanks for looking!
  • Pirate ship The wooden skewers holding the sails are the only inedible part
  • Hello Kitty Cheerleader I love Hello Kitty
  • sunflower cake
  • Oh, Toodles! chocolate and vanilla
  • Mississippi State cake strawberry cake covered in fondantlogo cut from fondant
  • Sorting Hat My sorting hat cake.Devil's food cake, peanut  butter icing, vanilla fondant. Royal icing stitches, fondant patches. Airbrushed and dusted with...
  • tombstone red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, airbrushed, cricut letters
  • Dog cake Lemon cake, plain buttercreamfondant nose and collar
  • Karate Birthday White cake, chocolate icing, fondant belt. Image drawn in edible ink on a flat piece of gumpaste.
  • blue fondant pattern
  • Clue Cake Cake for a mystery-solving birthday party
  • Curious George 2 tier birthday cake with Curious George piped on top.
  • Strawberry Shortcake fondant decorations, toy on top
  • Bunny cake Lemon cake with plain buttercream
  • Princess birthday cake lemon cake with fondant- leopard spots rolled into the fondantprincess gumpaste accents
  • Volcano cake One of my first cakes. Gumpaste trees, buttercream everything else except the lava coming out the top of the volcano-...
  • Pirate Cake Buttercream decoration
  • Flower cake Buttercream decorations on flower cake
  • Can of Whoopass all buttercream
  • Dog Cake air-brushed buttercreamRKT tail, ears, back legs, snout fondant nose, eyes, collar
  • Castle Cake Princess Castle CakeWilton castle set, fondant
  • Elmo Cake Fondantcolor flow letters, gumball border(The birthday girl put her fingers in it before I got a picture :)
  • Pigs in a Blanket Day I took this cake to school for National Pigs in a Blanket Appreciation Day.Buttercream pig, fondant blanket.
  • The Count all buttercream
  • Flower pot cake gumpaste daisies
  • French Poodle Cake french vanilla cake with buttercream
  • Ice Cream Cake Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate cakes with matching buttercream.

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