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  • You've Got To Kiss A Lot of Frogs This cake was done many years ago but still requested on occasion.  I made this using a football mold.  the...
  • baby bassinett The cake is covered with buttercream.  Hood is made of sugarpaste several days in advance. Pillow is fashioned from buttercream...
  • alf My first call for this fellow in years.  All done in run sugar (flood work) and then hand painted with...
  • baby boy shower stacked packages in buttercream, sugarpaste bow and baby.
  • religious theme cakes Buttercream  frosted with royal frost. flowers.
  • in style purse cake and buttercream covered in fondant.
  • legos cake with buttercream
  • glorious shoes!!!!! Buttercream with fondant labels.As usual, what looks easy is a terror.  Every imperfection shows like a beacon.
  • sponge bobby Fun, fun, fun!
  • Bar Mitzvah This cake was made to match special designed table linen and art theme.Fondant covered and artwork of sugarpaste and fondant.
  • Rats! cake, buttercream and fondant.  Raspberry filling taste great too! Rats made of cake and covered with buttercream using grass tubeI...
  • Think Halloween cake, buttercream and fondant.  Raspberry filling taste great too!
  • snowman .buttercream work
  • santa Artwork done in run sugar method and then hand painted. Buttercream used to build up  beard and hat.
  • chriustmas mouse Artwork done in run sugar method and then hand painted.
  • RPI Graduation Work done in run sugar work.
  • Miami Run sugar method used for the artwork.
  • simple grad. Rolled scroll diploma made of fondant  to add 3-Dem. look to a simple graduation cake.
  • Schuylerville Black Horses Done using the run sugar method/
  • Harley anniversary Run sugar work.
  • graduation for NYS program The NYS seal done in sugarpaste and hand painted with food coloring..
  • Governor's cake This is a cake I did that was presented to Governor Mario Cuomo of NY/  It is a replica in...
  • WILDLIFE FUNDRAISER I am not just a baker but I also do wildlife rehabbing. (baby squirrels and woodchucks) for NYS.  You won't...
  • baby gift I love doing the gift boxes!
  • baby buggy
  • new baby mold. .I just love this mold and the possibilities.  It is just too realistic.
  • baby shower or christening .
  • prancing lamb Run sugar method takes more time but I find it  easier sometimes if I have a lot of cakes for...
  • artwork run sugar work
  • quilt Fondant cut out work.  Takes lots of time!
  • Tea Pot Birthday This started out to be a very basic and simple birthday cake and grew to become one of my best...
  • Sewng Bee Sew much fun.
  • Blow out Party Just love this cake.  I think I took the idea from a Wilton cake?
  • Gloves off! Anyone for boxing.
  • lady's purse my first attempt at a purse.  Thanks to Collette Peters!
  • game on
  • maxine Run sugar work with hand painting
  • You Carry Your Age Well Run sugar work with hand painting
  • Double Trouble I just loved creating this cake for a fire fighter that just loved his pair of Siamese cats.
  • GI JOE BUFF FOR A PRO AT GI JOE!  Run sugar with hand painting.
  • OLDER THAN BEER This was just so much fun since my neighbor really was turning older than his favorite beer.
  • Bear and Bees
  • Boo This was our family dog that passed away at 13.  I wanted to do something special for my daughter's birthday...
  • Floral design floral
  • LIBRARY CELEBRATION Author's reception
  • GRIM REAPER Much of work done in run sugar with hand painting.
  • Piano This cake was done for a well known area Jazz musician and composer.
  • Cat This cat cake was published by Mail Box News quite a few years ago.
  • Monogram Monogram made of sugarpaste.
  • Cupcake Basket of Roses Cupcakes topped with royal frosting roses surrounded by real babys breath and leather leaf greens. The roses in are made...
  • HEPBURN STYLE Dress of fondant made to show a three demensional look.
  • Lillies Fondant work with gold satin dust painted over entire cake.  Flowers made of sugarpaste.
  • Jester Fondant work
  • Pink and Stripes
  • The Monkey This sheet cake was made to match the invitations.  The monkey couple was done in run sugar and hand painted...
  • Sea Shells All shells made of sugarpaste and hand painted.
  • Love Birds Buttercream frosting with sugarpaste flowers and birds
  • Garden cake Flowers of sugarpaste and royal frosting.
  • Black and White I designed this cake to match a dress showcased in a Martha Stewart magazine.  Butterflies are made of royal frosting.
  • hand painted I hand painted this cake and designed the top to match.  I use regular food paste colors mixed with a...
  • Love of Fishing .Custom designed to fit with the couple's favorite passion.
  • PattyCake Signature All flowers are  hand made sugarpaste. I actually spent almost 65 hours on the flower work.  It was the first...
  • Cars
  • Gumball Machine
  • Goose Cake This goose cake was entered in a cake decorating contest in 1987.  It took 1st place.  I submitted it to...
  • Autumn
  • Tara Cake

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