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  •  You've Got To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs  This cake was done many years ago but still requested on occasion. I made this using a football mold. the legs are buttercream covered...
  •  Baby Bassinett  The cake is covered with buttercream. Hood is made of sugarpaste several days in advance. Pillow is fashioned from buttercream and covered...
  •  Alf  My first call for this fellow in years. All done in run sugar (flood work) and then hand painted with food coloring and a couple of drops...
  •  Baby Boy Shower   stacked packages in buttercream, sugarpaste bow and baby.
  •  Religious Theme Cakes   Buttercream frosted with royal frost. flowers.
  •  In Style Purse   cake and buttercream covered in fondant.
  •  Legos   cake with buttercream
  •  Glorious Shoes!!!!!   Buttercream with fondant labels.As usual, what looks easy is a terror. Every imperfection shows like a beacon.
  •  Sponge Bobby   Fun, fun, fun!
  •  Bar Mitzvah   This cake was made to match special designed table linen and art theme.Fondant covered and artwork of sugarpaste and fondant.
  •  Rats!  cake, buttercream and fondant. Raspberry filling taste great too! Rats made of cake and covered with buttercream using grass tubeI was...
  •  Think Halloween   cake, buttercream and fondant. Raspberry filling taste great too!
  •  Snowman   .buttercream work

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