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  • Vacation destination! Suitcase cake with fondant accents. Hand-painted fondant postcards and map
  • Teachers time Cake pop, apples
  • Autumn Chocolate cake hay bales covered in buttercream. Fondant airbrushed leaves, rkt pumpkins covered in fondant
  • Mummies and skeletons and eyeballs...oh my!
  • Lady & the Tramp Lady & Tramp with famous spaghetti dinner.  My daughter and I made this piece as a cake topper for a...
  • Wicked birthday cake White confetti cake with vanilla frosting covered in almond-flavored fondant.
  • Wall-e Brownies covered in buttercream and fondant
  • Popcorn popper Popcorn popper is made of rice crispy treats covered in fondant.  Plug and popcorn are gumpaste.  Bowl is chocolate cake...
  • Topsy turvey cake Chocolate cakes cut and stacked on each other covered in fondant.  Bow and streamers also of fondant.  Most of this...
  • Electric guitar Chocolate cake with rice crispy treat neck all covered in fondant.  Guitar strings are red shoelace licorice.
  • 3 layer cake One of our first cakes.  Learned alot about structure with this one (ha ha).  Three chocolate cakes stacked and covered...
  • Monkeying around Chocolate cake with two toned fondant banana.  Monkeys are all fondant as I find gumpaste dries too fast.  Lots of...
  • Camping in the great outdoors Fun cake to celebrate 4 family birthdays while out at our lake.  Nieces and Nephew conspire to send Uncle over...