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  • concord 11 sneaker
  • angry birds
  • 60th birthday wine bottle
  • engagement cake
  • princess birthday
  • Chanel perfume yellow cake/ vanilla pudding filling/covered in fondant .sprayed perfume with gold dusttfl
  • Holy communion
  • Chanel bag yellow cake/ vanilla custard filling covered in fondant. chain and charms made of gumpaste.TFL
  • happy birthday Val yellow cake w/ vanilla filling covered in fondant. clapper board
  • corset cake chocolate cake rasberry filling covered in fondant
  • camera cake yellow cake vanilla custard filling bc/ fondant ...TFL
  • tuxedo cake yellow cake cannolli filling covered in fondant
  • green & white 3 tier cake yellow cake w/ vanilla custard filling.Covered in fondant swirls done w/ bc added a little bling on bow. TFL
  • soccer cake yellow cake chocolate & vanilla pudding filling covered in fondant .
  • zebra cake yellow cake w/ chocolate mousse/chocolate pudding covered in fondant.TFL
  • bottle cake yellow cakw chocolate mousse filling/covered in fondant .butter cream fillimg in bottleTFL
  • it's a pawty yellow cake w/ vanilla pudding covered in butter cream, fondant .
  • super ball game yellow cake chocolate pudding filling covered in fondant .Steelers vs green bay packers..tfl
  • baby shower cake yellow cake w/canolli filling chocolate cake w/chocolate chip pudding covered in fondant.ducks/umbrella /bibs & carriage are made of fondant also.tfl
  • chick hick car cake yellow cake w/ chocolae pudding covered in fondant.& edible sheet on bottom tier
  • James 70th Birthday Yellow cake w/ vanilla filling covered in fondant made tools with fondant n tape measure was made of rkt.tfl
  • mario cake yellow cake chocolate mousse/ covered in fondant
  • birthday yellow cake canolli filling/choclate cake w/chocolate pudding.red velvet/
  • diaper bag Yellow cake cannoli filling bottle is made of rkt
  • jenna's baby shower cake yellow cake half chocolate pudding filling/vanilla filling covered in fondant belly is yellow cake cannoli filling .monkey made of fondant.
  • chanel bag
  • Chrstine's and Roberts wedding chocolate cake cannoli filling covered in butter cream .made butterfly's out if gumpaste and roses as well
  • Snowman cake chocolate cake with rasberry filling covered in butter cream
  • let it Snw! white cake rasberry filling covered in butter cream accents in fondant
  • new york yankee cake chocolate cake with cannoli filling covered in fondant .
  • chanel bag yellow cake w/chocolate pudding filling covered in fondant added some bling made flower out of fondant as well
  • zebra chanel cake two tier cake chanel pattern /zebra print fondant flowers. yellow cake/chocolate withvanilla filling/ TFL
  • flower cake chocolate cake w/chocolate pudding filling covered in fondant and put on black & teal flowers.tfl
  • birthday cake
  • Toy story chocolate cake w/chocolate mousse covered in fondant .TFL
  • football cake Yellow cake vanilla filling covered in butter cream
  • engagement cake every tier is a different flavor red elvet/yellow cake/chocolate. made flowers out of gumpaste. every tier has bling TFL. Made...
  • fashionista cake yellow cake chocolate mousse filling b/c purse is covered in pink fondant with touches of brown
  • halloween birthday cake marble cake w/ chocolate filling covered in fondant ghost is a rkt .tfl
  • ghost cake yellow cake w/ vanilla pudding filing& white b/c  marshmallow ghosts. Ghost on side is made of rkt covered in fondant
  • It's a girl yellow cke with chocolate and vanilla filling covered in bc/fondant . rattle and pins are made of candy
  • chanel cake chocolate cake with vanilla filling
  • snake cake snake was made out of rkt yellow cake w/ chocolate filling overed in fondant...Tfl
  • bagel cake yellow cake covered in fondant n b/c frosting  to look like cream cheese.
  • luigi yellow cake chocolate/vanilla filling/ b/c with fondant accents. mushroom stem is rctTFL
  • chocolate wedding cake TFL
  • sushi cake yellow cake choclate filling/ covered in fondant with a wood grain look.Everything edible lots of fun making it, TFL
  • Grand re- opening Yellow cake w/ vanilla pudding filling covered in b/c and added a edible image of logo of the store.
  • tuxedo cake chocolate cake covered in fondant ....TFL
  • flip flop akes bc cake with fondant flip flop, fondant flowers...TFL
  • lego indiana jones cake vanilla cake w/vanilla filling bc I also used blue gel for water brown sugar for the sand .this cake is...
  • i carly yellow cake chocolate mousse filling with bc and edibles images.for a 2 year old girl.
  • 4th of july cake yellow cake/choclate pudding filling covered in fondant red/white/blueHappy 4th everyone. TFL
  • pink /flower cake Yellow cake/chocolate pudding filling. BC royal icing flowers.Cake for 11 year old girlTFL
  • 60th birthday yellow cake chocolate filling edible sheets around cake.bc and roses.this cake is for a 60th birthday tfl
  • graduation I did a three tier graduation cake and piped cake with tip 21 .Use fondant for capcake is for three...
  • tuxedo cake marble cake with chocolate filling covered in fondant with daisy flowersit was alot of fun doing.. Thanks for looking
  • hip hop dance chocolate cake w/choc filling covered in fondant made hip hop dancers out of fondantand added stars
  • remote control remote control/ chocolate cake /fondant
  • sponge bob Yellow cake b/c on face shirt and pants are rice kripsies covered in fondant ..Thanks for looking
  • 40th Birthday spree Yellow cake w/ b/c filling fondant and gum paste. tissue was a little hard . cover board with fondandt.
  • 40th birthday party choc cake with choc filling/cake was made out of fondant .
  • It;s A boy b/c sheet yellow cake w/yellow filling/ belly is chocolate cake w/ choc filling dress is fondant i put footprints i...
  • basket cake Yellow cake w/ canoli filling b/c icing royal icing flowers and color flow for birds.I had alot of fun making...
  • rose cake lemon cake almond b/c
  • good times cake It's a yellow cake with vanillla filling b/c Made rosette border all around cake. made the three roses out of...
  • xbox360 chocolate cake w/chocolate filling cover with fondant. I made cake for my sons 18th Birthday
  • clown cake lemon cake w/ b/c and clowns
  • pawnshop cake cake is bc/touches of fondant i made monagram myself uing rhinstones
  • Birthday cake
  • sponge bob chocolate cake bc  in yellow and face was made out of fondant
  • ipod cake
  • lifeguard cake
  • panty gift box cake I had alot of fun making this cake. I made it for a friend of mine.It took alot of work
  • roses are for lovers This was my very first fondant cake.
  • lovers cake This was my second heart cake made out of butter cream.
  • valentine's day sweetheart This was my first cake i ever made.
  • Jo Ann's cakes Chanel Cake
  • Jo Ann's cakes Thomas The Tank Engine Cake
  • Black Tie Affair Jo Ann's cakes

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