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  •  Fall Wedding Cake (My Masterpiece)  Butter Cream frosting, devils food cake, filing: chocolate ganash/ white chocolate.decorated with natural fall flowers. It took me 9 hours...
  •  Elegant Wedding Cake
  •  Go Yankees!!!
  •  75 Years Younger!!!
  •  For All My Argentinians Friend (Cabj)
  •  2011 Graduation Cake
  •  First Communion   Butter Cream Frosting, figurines made out of rolled fondant, including the grapes....
  •  Small Wedding Cake/2010   Decadent Chocolate cake cover with fondant and fill with Ganach/Chantilly cream.
  •  Fall Wedding Cake /2010   It took me 9 glorious hours to finished, but it was well worth it.
  •  Marmaid Quinceanera   Lemon-raspberry filling, seashells, corals made out of chocolate.
  •  50Th Birthday!!   50 chocolate dolphins holding a candle for each year.This was a TRES LECHES cake with Bavarian cream frosting.
  •  Birthday Cake   Two Tier cake made out of fondant, all decoration were made out of chocolate.
  •  Baptist   This cake is almond flavor, Boston cream filing. Cover with fondant, flowers and butterfly's are gum-paste.