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  • Baroque Baroque
  • White wonderful winter wedding This is a cake I made for a Dutch cake decorating magazine called Mjam.
  • Tessa My last wedding cake, hope you like it :)Sorry for the crappy picture, I used my phone... the other detailed...
  • Beluga Beluga is a restaurant in Maastricht, Netherlands with two Michelin stars. They asked me to make a small cake with...
  • Torta Matrimonialis in Modo Meo Everyone can make fabulous cakes using molds :)
  • Wedding cake with violets This is a lemon-buttermilk cake (recipe by Dede Wilson!) with dulce de leche, peaches and almond cookies.
  • Mallorca
  • Umidit? - topsy turvy wedding cake This is one high humidity wedding cake... it took me forever :)
  • Dolce Sposi-wavy cake This cake is called Dolce Sposi, sweet couple, because the happy couple was sooooo incredibly sweet :)I loved making this...
  • Clementine de Can-Can (thanks to Colette Peters!! Again, inspired by Colette Peters, I made this cake.Hope the happy couple was still happy when they saw it :)
  • Ball cake - Ferox This cake was inspired again by Colette Peters.... which I think all cakes are :)It's called Ferox, because it means...
  • Hilarion - Wavy cake This is a blue wavy cake :)The groom asked me to include his wifes necklace in this cake, so I...
  • Giselle Workshop Cake In this cake I tried to incorporate alle my workshop examples :)It's a crappy picture, but it will be in...
  • It's my cake!! Inspired by edable art, Cricut and Bon Jovi of course :)
  • Obliquus- just a pink topsy-turvy cake It's pink, it's crooked and it's a cake :)Oh.... and it has bows!
  • Less is more Just a simple wedding cake for a bridal show, nothing fancy.It was a real cake, but I guess someone thought...
  • Cricut Cake This is a test cake, cause I wanted to try out several new techniques.The topper is made with the cricut...
  • Fleur d'hiver Here's my winter cake I made for a very nice couple. Sadly, due to heavy snowfall, I couldn't deliver the...
  • Olivier I made this cake for an art exhibit in maastricht.It was huge: 14-10-8-6-3 inch, and a lot of work since...
  • Colette The couple wanted a round pillow cake wit lots of colourful flowers.I named the cake Colette, because I could never...
  • Ernie This is my first real 3D attempt :)His belly and legs are made of cake filled with lemoncurd, his head...
  • I Thought This Cake For My Step Mother Looked A Little Turkish So I Thanked Her In Turkish For Making My Dad Happy And For Supporting Me Wi I thought this cake for my step-mother looked a little Turkish, so I thanked her in Turkish for making my...
  • Allegra I made this cake as an example for workshops I'm about to give. After the picture was taken we ate...
  • Clair-obscur
  • Bianco-Nero Wavy cake, wavy taart
  • Aitsa! wavy cake An orange, wavy circus tent.... in South Africa!Or just another experiment :)
  • Wavy cake, La Primavera This is a birthdaycake for my mother in law, she likes pink :)The top layer is a white vanilla cake...
  • Harry This was supposed to be a box with a man on top, but thanks to high humidity, it's  a dull,...
  • Nostalgia It's a mini cake, with flowers :)
  • Principessa It's a shoe.... really!
  • Flora wavy cake Moist chocolate cake with ganache and vanilla buttercream.It was a quicky, so I just put some sugarflowers on top I...
  • Fleur I loved making this cake!! They loved eating it :)
  • Little black cake It's a cake, it's little and it's black :)
  • Gateau d'Amour In this weddingcake I tried to incorporate their wedding invitation, the bouquet, the brides dress with lace, pearls and a...
  • Tassels - wavy cake Lemon cake filled with lemon curd, everything on the outside is fondant.
  • Speculum Mundi: or, A glasse representing the face of the world A society called Speculum Mundi requested a cake for their 35th anniversary dinner. In my search for inspiration and information,...
  • Polka -wavy cake
  • Baccara Small wedding cake for a sweet couple :)
  • Trixie In honor of our Queen Beatrix, tomorrow is Queens Day in Holland!
  • Pretty Simple Just a simple white cake with golden embellishments.
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  • Gulden Smaeck Just a little blue cake with golden decorations :)
  • Vrolijk Pasen!
  • Quilt The couple requested a blue quilt cake with white drapes because it had to symbolize their wedding and her pregnancy...
  • Gisli Ari - wavy cake A local hairdresser was nominated for the Dutch Coiffure Award, of course that called for a cake!
  • 4711 This cake was in honor of my grandmothers 100th birthday. The inspiration, of course, was her eau de cologne 4711.
  • Lavender
  • Arabian Nights
  • Miffy Nijntje
  • Cake for the nurses at AZM Maastricht
  • Winnie's Birthday
  • Winnie and Piglet eat cake!
  • Pumpkin
  • Royal S
  • Happy cake!
  • Tefaf art fair entry.... Second place!
  • Tefaf art fair entry
  • Tefaf art fair entry
  • Tefaf art fair entry
  • Tefaf art fair entry
  • Rose boxes
  • BeeZ Maastricht
  • Ice fishing
  • Trellis
  • Carnavalesque
  • Carnavalesque part deux
  • Inspired by PiP