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  • Baroque Baroque
  • White wonderful winter wedding This is a cake I made for a Dutch cake decorating magazine called Mjam.
  • Tessa My last wedding cake, hope you like it :)Sorry for the crappy picture, I used my phone... the other detailed...
  • Beluga Beluga is a restaurant in Maastricht, Netherlands with two Michelin stars. They asked me to make a small cake with...
  • Torta Matrimonialis in Modo Meo Everyone can make fabulous cakes using molds :)
  • Wedding cake with violets This is a lemon-buttermilk cake (recipe by Dede Wilson!) with dulce de leche, peaches and almond cookies.
  • Mallorca
  • Umidit? - topsy turvy wedding cake This is one high humidity wedding cake... it took me forever :)
  • Dolce Sposi-wavy cake This cake is called Dolce Sposi, sweet couple, because the happy couple was sooooo incredibly sweet :)I loved making this...
  • Clementine de Can-Can (thanks to Colette Peters!! Again, inspired by Colette Peters, I made this cake.Hope the happy couple was still happy when they saw it :)
  • Ball cake - Ferox This cake was inspired again by Colette Peters.... which I think all cakes are :)It's called Ferox, because it means...
  • Hilarion - Wavy cake This is a blue wavy cake :)The groom asked me to include his wifes necklace in this cake, so I...