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  • Bea's 2012 cake My Mother-in-law's birthday cake.  Pastry Pride frosting, RI roses.  Hope you like it!
  • Courtney's Engagement cake My Sister-in-law "volunteered" me to make this engagement cake for a friend.  BC frosting with RI flowers
  • Easter cake Pastry Pride frosting with RI Petunias and Bunny.  Hope you like it!
  • Christmas Cake Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.  Real pines cones with fondant needles.  Hope you like it!
  • Bea's 82nd cake For my mother-in-law's 82nd birthday.  Her theme was "In the Garden".  Pastry Pride frosting with GP flower.  Piping the stems...
  • Brian's cake A little cake for my brother's birthday.  Chocolate BC with RI scrolls
  • Christina's Graduation My niece requested this cake for her Chapman University graduation.  Marble, Chocolate and Vanilla cakes.    GP lettering with sequins added....
  • Londa & Brittany's B/Day For my Sister-in-Law and Niece's birthday.  Pastry Pride with GP signs.
  • Meredith's cake I wanted the color of this cake to really stand out.  Fondant with GP Flower.  Thanks for looking!
  • Superbowl Forty-five BC with Fondant elements
  • Armando's Cake Fondant with GP Album and musical notes
  • Sandi's Cake I made this for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday.  The bottom layer was a Vanilla Cake w/Strawberry filling, covered with black...
  • Petunia cupcakes I make these for my business customers.  They love it when I call on them for business.  BC frosting with...

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