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  •  Polar Bear Cake   Zero the Polar Bear from the Milwaukee Zoo.
  •  Tupac Cake   This is a Tupac (the rapper) cake for my brother's birthday. Chocolate buttercream on white cake.
  •  Orangutan Cake  Another cake for the Education Dept of the Milwaukee Zoo. The hair is paper (at this point in time I had never used fondant which is what I...
  •  Peacock Cake   Cake for the education department of the Milwaukee County Zoo. All this is buttercream frosting and cake icing.
  •  President Obama Cake   I made this for election day 2008.
  •  Grizzly Bear Cake   Grizzly Bear cake I made for camping. Chocolate sponge cake and buttercream.
  •  The Devil Wears Prada (Band) Cake  This cake is inspired by a line (Chainsaw brutality, tornado strength) from one of their songs. It is also a design that appears on some of...
  •  Karl Marx Cake  This cake was made for my friend who is a socialist for his birthday. Its the first cake I ever made that included decorating. Its red...
  •  Zombie Cake  This cake was made for my friend's going away party. He loves Zombies and even got the same image that I used for inspiration for a...
  •  Joker From The Dark Knight  Joker from the Dark Knight. This was my second cake I've ever made. I like how the runny frosting made the smeared make-up look better...
  •  Jacob From Twilight   Jacob from Twilight using peanut butter flavored buttercream frosting.
  •  Beatles Cake   Andy Warhol's image is the inspiration
  •  John Locke From Lost   John Locke from the TV show LOST painted on fondant covered cake.

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