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  • Wedding Cupcake Tower with Cutting Cake
  • Ivory & Gold Christening Cake
  • Black & White Wedding Cake with Sugar Roses
  • Ben 10 - 2 tier cake
  • Flower & Butterfly Cupcakes
  • School Retirement Cake
  • Tea cup Cake
  • 4 Tier Wedding Cake with sugarpaste figures
  • Super Mario Cake
  • Football Shirt Cupcakes
  • Teddy Bear Christening Cake
  • White 2 Tier Wedding Cake with rolled roses
  • Pink Minnie Mouse Cake
  • Classic Mini Car Cake
  • Handbags & Shoes Cake
  • Ben 10 Omnitrix Cake
  • Peppa Pig Cake
  • Waybuloo Cake
  • Train Christening Cake
  • Mickey Mouse Cake
  • Jungle Cake
  • Colourful Birthday Cake
  • Swimming Pool Cake
  • Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Cake
  • Simple Wedding Cake with Flowers
  • In The Night Garden Cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Henry Hoover Cake
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
  • Pink Handbag Cake
  • Large 3 Tier Cake
  • Aston Villa Shirt
  • Make Up Bag Cake
  • French Themed Tiered Cake
  • Fireman Sam Cake & Cupcakes
  • Australia Cake
  • Spongebob Squarepants Cake My favourite cake to make, and look at, by far!!!! :)
  • Top Gear Stig Cake
  • Pink Butterlies & Roses Cake
  • Mr Field's Grandfather Clock Cake
  • 'Circus' 1st Birthday Cake
  • Giant Brown & Turquoise Cupcake with Toffee & Chocolate Cupcakes Giant Sponge Cupcake with a tower of toffee and chocolate cupcakes.
  • Black & White 'Ribbon & Roses'
  • Minnie Mouse Cake
  • Toy Story Cake To infinity.... and beyond!!!
  • JLS Cake
  • Fairytale Castle Cake
  • Old Speckled Hen Beer Bottle
  • Lizzie's Gothic Castle Cake
  • Rosie's Guitar Cake
  • 3 Tier Candy Stripe Cake
  • Fairy Toadstool
  • Camping Out
  • Leah's Rapunzel Cake This was a '2nd attempt' at a Rapunzel cake - (if there is a category for cake disasters, I may...
  • Ad's DJ Deck This was for my bro in law who is a dj and producer. It was really tricky to get all...
  • James' Castle Cake I had to make 2 cakes for my son's birthday and was really pushed for time. Would definitely do it...
  • Little Monsters I came across this in one of Debbie Brown's books - I had been waiting for an occassion to make...
  • Sam's Electric Guitar My first attempt at a 'big' 3d cake - I was pretty pleased with the result :)
  • John's Carling Can This was for my Father In Law's 60th Birthday. It's 2 x 7 inch round cakes curt down the centre...
  • Rachel's Garden Birthday Cake A cake for a friend's wife who loves gardening :)
  • Max's 1st Birthday Cake - Timmy Time A simpler version of a Timmy Time cake this time!
  • Mom's Birthday Cake (or box of chocolates??) I couldn't decide on a them for my Mom's cake, so decided to use the chocolates I had bought for...
  • Daniel's PSP Birthday Cake Choclate Fudge Cake in the shape of Daniel's PSP - he absolutely loved it :)
  • Kate's Mothers Day Cake Spone cake with vanilla buttercream. Covered with lemon sugarpaste and sugar flowers :)
  • Easter Chocolate Cupcakes Easter Cupcakes for the Kids :)
  • Chelsea's Ballet Cake
  • Luke's Timmy Time Cake Based on a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' cake from one of my books, this is what I came up with after...
  • Judy's Cake Time to take it up a gear (or tier?). This is a 7 inch choch fudge cake with chocolate buttercream,...
  • Fudge Cake with Hearts This was for a friend at work who loved by Chocolate Fudge cakes and wanted one for Valentines Day from...
  • Katy's Cake Determined to used balls of rolled fondant for a border on my next cake this is what I cam up...
  • Shell's Birthday Cake Bit of a rush this one as I had to make two in one day!! Royal icing was too thin...
  • Dad's Darts Cake I started with a round cake covered with white sugar paste and added the dartboard to a round plaque of...
  • Kerry's Cake Lilac fondant with white fondant lettering finished with scrolls of matching lilac royal icing. My first attempt with royal icing...
  • Lilac Stars & Stripes This was my first attempt at decorating a cake with anything other than chocolate fudge frosting! I was pretty pleased...

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