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  •  Butterflies And A Rose   A 2-tiered cake with the top layer shaped and decorated to resemble a rose then decorated with a bunch of...
  •  Monogrammed Cake   A 3-tiered wedding cake decorated with the couple's monogram similar to that displayed on their wedding invitation.
  •  Spongebob   I saw a tutorial for this cake on the internet and decided to make a wonderful cake for a special...
  •  Dora The Explorer   My first attempt at making a 3D Cake. No styro or unedible parts except for the cake board.
  •  Cheers!   2 mugs of frothy beer for a special celebrant :)
  •  Edible Chanel Bag And Mini Purse Cake   Rich chocolate cake covered with fondant icing and decorated to resemble a Chanel Bag. The candle holder is made of...
  •  Naughty In Pink   This was requested by a lady friend for her own birthday :)
  •  Birthday Car
  •  Hello Kitty Birthday   Rich Chocolate Cake covered with Fondant Icing
  •  Silver Anniversary
  •  The Race   My own attempt of a cake decoration from Debbie Brown. The cake is Devil's Food Cake and the icing is...
  •  Edible Giveaways   Inspired by Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes. Everything excluding the lollipop wrapper is edible. The cake is wrapped in...
  •  Little Girl With Teddy   I made this for my niece's first birthday. A 3-tiered butter cake with choco fudge filling and fondant icing. Everything,...

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